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Uanoshasm ~
The state religion of Tuyaz-Oa. Uanoshasm originated in Danyubao, and also has followers in Gabuwesu, Arunisa and northern Eshazuria.

Udaris ~
The mundane world from which all mortal beings originally came

Ulosa ~
A Tuyaz-Oan servant woman who accompanied Olemnashial to Eoradha

Ukuzecha ~
An empire in northern Zasulia ruled by the Ankaykari Lord Daskesurul

Ummere ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lady Olemnashial dwells. Regarded as one of the loveliest lands in the realm, it is home to many exotic plants and creatures.

Uothuyanur ~
A Dimension linked to Veskansare and ruled by Ruzenathra. Although it contains nothing of value, its Gateways lead to other Dimensions where azuhans are found.

Uranag ~
A fearsome Askamaran creature. Uranags have powerful shoulders, large claws with which to swipe at their prey and strong jaws capable of snapping bones.

Usathia ~
A a continent in the far west of Udaris. It is a region of temperate woods and grasslands, with windswept moors and pine forests to the north.

Usuhal ~
A common Askamaran fruit-tree. It is highly valued by the immortals, as its fruits are edible to humans and are therefore often served to guests from Udaris. Adagrias are also fond of usuhal fruit and are constantly raiding the orchards of the Ankaykari.