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Udaris ~
Udaris is the mundane world from which all mortal beings originally came. Although it is largely governed by the laws of nature, it is also imbued with magic and is linked to the realm of Askamar through Gateways. The Ankaykari have always been fascinated by Udaris, for to them it is a place of great beauty and mystery.

Ukuzecha ~
Ukuzecha is an ancient empire in northern Zasulia. It was once ruled by the immortal Lord Daskesurul and governed by humans, but it is now part of the Dragonlands.

Ummere ~
Ummere is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lady Olemnashial dwells. Regarded as one of the loveliest lands in the realm, it is home to many exotic plants and creatures. Most of the dragons who dwell in Ummere live on the small islands along the coast.

Uranag ~
Uranags are stocky Askamaran predators. They have powerful shoulders, large claws and strong jaws capable of snapping bones. Uranags roam in packs across the scrublands and plains, where they hunt orunogras. They are nomadic animals, rarely remaining in the same area for long.

Usathia ~
Usathia is a continent in western Udaris. Its lands range from the cold islands of the north, through temperate forests, pastures and farmlands, to the plains and dusty deserts of the south.

Usuhal ~
The usuhal is a common fruit-tree of Askamar. It is highly valued by the immortals, as its large red fruits are edible to humans and are therefore often served to guests from Udaris. Unfortunately, adagrias are also fond of usuhal fruit and are constantly raiding the orchards of the Ankaykari.