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Tanrayuzate ~
A valuable reddish-brown iazithon which is sometimes used to make weapons. The Sceptre of Xathun was forged of tanrayuzate.

Takanepi ~
Takanepi is the immortal lord who rules the Court of Nezruthar. He is cool and austere, and seldom has any interest in the world beyond his Citadel. While he is drawn to Liralian’s philosophy, he has concluded that it is futile to attempt to change the world.

Tan Anguha ~
Tan Anguha was a kingdom on the eastern border of the Tuyaz-Oan Empire. In the twelfth century its nobles raided Wayaiquha, looting, burning and seizing slaves. Liralian responded by invading the kingdom, whose ruler Songatya sought the aid of her enemy Mormariul. Many people lost their lives in the ensuing war.

Tanurea ~
Tanurea is a continent in the far east of Udaris. Much of its history has been shaped by three Ankaykari ladies – Ruzenathra, Liralian and Mormariul. However, since the fall of Shekruvaris and the Gabakaruan revolt, the only Tanurean land to be ruled by an immortal is Danyubao.

Tarissarul ~
Tarissarul is an immortal who dwells in Izgurkoth. Although she is a skilled fighter, she is also cautious and thoughtful. She never quarrels if she can help it. Among the Ankaykari, she is known for her diplomacy.

Tassedehami ~
Tassedehami is the immortal lord who rules the Court of Ebzazire. He is known for his skill at politics, but he can also be emotional, quick-tempered and indecisive at times. While Tassedehami succeeds in maintaining a difficult alliance with Naskremari – an Esu to whom he has frequently given his allegiance – his closest friend is Yazelern.

Tenrasan ~
Tenrasan is the son of Lord Tassedehami and Kusa of Munersa. He is married to Ilsendra, the Arch-mage of Arunisa, and he also sometimes serves Lord Yazelern as an ambassador.

Thasenare ~
Thasenare is the region of Askamar ruled by the immortal Lord Yazelern. It is a pleasant land of rustling forests, hills and flowery meadows. To the north are a range of mountains where dragon clans dwell, while to the south are dusty scrublands which give way to the Ashen Desert.

Tragorni ~
The tragorni bush is a leafless shrub that flourishes in the wild and arid regions of the magical realm. Its most distinctive feature is its ‘burning’ sap, which hisses and smokes when exposed to the air. The thorns are also poisonous, causing itching and redness. Once a year, tragorni bushes bear clusters of pale flowers. These attract stinging insects, making the bushes even more unpleasant than usual.

Tuyaz-Oa ~
Tuyaz-Oa was an empire in south-eastern Tanurea ruled by the immortal Lady Liralian. It was founded in 982 EA by her mortal beloved Farauquan and eventually collapsed in 1257 EA while fighting for its freedom against the Ankaykari Sovereign Ruzenathra.