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Saroparel ~
Saroparel is the immortal who rules of the court of Imbire. She is known for her serenity, her love of beauty and her longing to create a harmonious society. However, while she and Liralian share many ideals, Liralian is angered by the oppressive way she treats her servants and infuriated by her reluctance to take any useful action. Her closest ally is Daskesurul, who shares her deep love of order and etiquette.

Sasci ~
Sascis are Askamaran creatures that resemble large snakes with horned heads and spines down their backs. There are several varieties, some of which dwell in warm forests of Burshnar and Ummere, and some of which dwell in more arid regions such as Zaresnar and Veskansare.

The House of Seothra ~
A dynasty that once ruled the kingdom of Eoradha.

Serunuria ~
Serunuria is the region of Askamar where Arellesria dwells. It is a beautiful land of flowery forests and meadows, gentle hills and trickling streams. Vungarbas graze on its western grasslands, guarded by dragons of the Kanubiara Mountains, and butterfly-adagrias flutter among its orchards. The river Azanare flows through Serunuria, pouring into the shimmering Lake Jarullare. Its Citadel is known as Oamsarath.

Sharazamayne ~
Sharazamayne (pronounced sha-ra-za-may-nee) is the shimmering fabric from which Ankaykari garments are made. It is woven of magic, and will slowly rot if it is left in the mundane world.

Sirsah Vhayaudas ~
Sirsah was a Kesauphuran princess who fell in love with the immortal Lord Tassedehami. Her brother Zaukan VII was delighted by their marriage at first, but some whisper that it was he who later had her assassinated, because he was tired of her meddling in his kingdom.

Skanshuria ~
Skanshuria is the largest of the Udarissan continents, with lands ranging from tundra in the north to tropical islands and rainforests in the south. In the north-east lies the ancient and mysterious queendom of Eremiro, ruled by the immortal Lady Saroparel. Other Skanshurian lands include Naseyan, Banchanura, Vabauna and the Kurokhir Kingdoms.

Skurmondul ~
Skurmondul is a mighty warrior who leads the forces of Ebzazire in battle. Having quarreled with his half-brother, the Dragon King Zakrusepi, he now helps to defend the Ankaykari lands, serving the immortal lord Tassedehami as an advisor.

Sorchiana ~
The Kaniyari mage Sorchiana is an Eremiran princess and an Akes-Yenarasu illusionist. As the half-sister of Queen Zirazine, she is next-in-line to the throne. However, she has no real influence, and instead spends her time engaged in the petty intrigues of the royal court.

Sovereign ~
‘Sovereign’ is the title given to the Ankaykari ruler of Askamar. Although mortals often refer to the Esu as kings and queens, a true sovereign is one who has united the entire realm of Askamar under their rule. In order to achieve this, they must gain the allegiance of the other eight Esu.

Surezumel ~
Surezumel is the twin brother of Queen Zirazine of Eremiro. While most Eremiran nobles are obsessed with politics and the arts, Surezumel has devoted himself to the study of natural philosophy. His great interests are astronomy and inter-Dimensional travel. On clear nights he can often be found in his observatory, studying the stars.

Surmanalle ~
Surmanalle is the region of Askamar ruled where the immortal lord Vusashare dwells. It is famed as a land of great beauty, and has been part of Imbire’s territories for centuries. Dragons once dwelled along the southern bay, guarding the land from the savage clans of Zepzaris. However, they were slain by Saroparel during the Usurper’s War. The Citadel of Surmanalle is known as Ulmarenal.

Surug Seothra ~
Surug Seothra (1182 – 1250 EA) was an Eoradhan Royal Wizard who allied with Liralian in order to keep Daskesurul from conquering his homeland. While not the greatest of spell-casters, he is famous for having betrayed three Esu, stolen an Anengharen and stabbed the Lord of Nezruthar with a mundane dagger, and surviving to tell the tale.

Syalta ~
Syalta is an Eremiran liquor made from malted grain and aged in wooden casks. It is usually diluted with water before being served.