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Saroparel ~
The Esu Ankaykari who rules of the Court of Imbire. Her Citadel is Yesmeure.

Sasci ~
An Askamaran creature which resembles a horned snake with spines down its back.

Seonag Regarth ~
An Eoradhan nobleman.

The House of Seothra ~
A dynasty which once ruled the kingdom of Eoradha.

Serunuria ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lady Arellesria dwells. It is a beautiful land of flowery forests and meadows, hills and trickling streams.

Sharazamayne ~
The shimmering fabric from which Ankaykari garments are made. It is woven of magic, and quickly rots when it is brought into the mundane world.

Shuredor ~
An Usathian empire which waged war against Farenia, Onadura and Arunisa.

Skanshuria ~
An Udarissan continent composed of forests and plains, cold deserts and tundra.

Sorchiana ~
The half-sister of Queen Zirazine of Eremiro. She is next-in-line to the throne.

Sovereign ~
The ruler of Askamar. Although mortals often refer to the Esu Ankaykari as kings and queens, a true Ankaykari sovereign is one who has united the entire realm under their rule. In order to achieve this, they must gain the allegiance of the other Esu.

Surezumel ~
The twin brother of Queen Zirazine of Eremiro.

Surmanalle ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lord Vusashare dwells. Many kinds of mosses, ferns and flowering shrubs grow in its forests, and the land is also home to silver forest cats and butterfly-adagrias.

Surug Seothra ~
An Eoradhan Royal Wizard.