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Resiah Daruhanya ~
Resiah was the third wife of the immortal Lord Tassedehami, but she betrayed him and fled to the mundane world with Drathessa’s Anengharen. For a while Resiah was one of the most powerful mages in Udaris, until she was slain by Skurmondul.

Rakukath ~
Rhakukath is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lady Carashanza dwells. It is a land of shadowy forests, murky rivers and swamps. The Vanotaquan nobility used to consider Rhakukath a more thrilling place to go hunting than the wastes of Zepzaris, for there were more perils to endure and more fearsome creatures to kill.

Ruzenathra ~
Ruzenathra is the immortal lady who rules the court of Veskansare. She is bold, ruthless and decisive, and is also known for her cunning. Some are drawn by her strong character while others consider her a tyrant.