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Rakkian ~
A Namivian wizard who betrayed both Tassedehami and Daskesurul.

Rakukath ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lady Carashanza dwells. It is a land of dank, shadowy forests, murky rivers and swamps where unusual plants grow.

Raxaim Karuzata ~
A Vanotaquan prince who perished in the Tan Anguhan War.

Razurea ~
An Udarissan continent which lies west of Tanathia. Forests of redwood, pine and sequoia spread across the north, while swamps and tropical grasslands lie to the south.

Rayasthurul ~
The Dimension which lies beyond the Gateway of Sanuzhal in Razurea. Also known as Ja’kan Quo’tha, it has long been a source of azuhans to wizards of the eastern isles.

Ruzenathra ~
The Esu Ankaykari who rules the Court of Veskansare. Her Citadel is Karazran.