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Quagokah ~
Quagokahs are terrifying tenatacled creatures from Askamar. They are found mainly in the swamps of Nursumemur and the flooded caverns of Ebzazire – although Carashanza also introduced them to Rhakukath because she found them interesting, and was dismayed when they devastated the unique wildlife of her own swamplands. Unlike the hagakahs that dwell in Askamar’s seas, quagokahs are sightless, feeling their way along with their tentacles.

Quanzia ~
Quanzias are fruit-bearing trees that grow throughout most of Askamar, being absent only from the most inhospitable regions. Their blossoms are white and fragrant, but any human who attempts to eat their dark red fruit dies in agony, poisoned by magic. However, while mortals must be wary of quanzias, the trees are commonly cultivated in the gardens of the Ankaykari Citadels, for their magically potent fruit is used to make quanzia wine – the most popular beverage among the immortals.

Quathevara ~
Quathevara is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lady Erulorian dwells. Although it resembles the land of her ruler Liralian in appearance, it lies on the other side of the realm. The river Iuroth winds through a vast pine forest to the north, while to the south are frosted lakes, meadows and woodlands. Beyond the coast are the rugged islands of the Sea of Thanakan, where most of Quathevara’s dragons live.

Quenezarea ~
Quenezarea is the immortal who dwells in Kayuvare. In battle she is ruthless, but she also loves poetry and art, and is considered emotionally fragile by those who know her well. While she appears cold to others, she is unquestioningly devoted to her Esu ruler.

Quezara ~
Quezara is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lord Canrasiul dwells. It stands on the border of the Zaresnaran desert, where the fiery river Xasre spills through rocky chasms before pouring into the Bitter Sea. Quezara is harsh land of rugged peaks, dust dunes and ravines where few creatures live. Its Citadel is known as Akzanarath.