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Pagura ~
Paguras are creatures that dwell in the forests of Askamar. They are about the size of cats, with long silky cream fur. At one time they were also trapped by human hunters, who stole through the Gateway of Cezura and sold their luxuriant pelts to nobles. This upset Lady Saroparel, who considers the creatures delightful. She decreed that any Eremiran seen wearing pagura fur would be scourged, and the trade came to an end.

The Palace of Time ~
The Palace of Time is a huge library built by the Council of the Esu and traditionally maintained by the Nayusuru. It stands on a hill in the remote Askamaran island of Maroth, not far from the Pillar of Ages. Like the Pillar, the Palace of Time is regarded as a site of great significance. All Ankaykari are welcome there, and no violence is permitted within its walls. Its purpose is to preserve the history of the immortals, who can only remember so much of their past.

Pautan ~
Pautan is one of the larger island-kingdoms of the Gazuhan Archipelago, lying 200 miles off the Zasulian coast. During the Blood Sea War (1152 – 1171 EA), its ruler Xakutias tried to conquer Maweza, which was under Waiyaiqua’s protection. The conflict left the island devastated, and it fell under Ukuzecha’s power until regaining its freedom in 1354 EA. Although it is ruled by humans, Pautan is an ally of the Dragonlands.

The Pillar of Ages ~
The Pillar of Ages is an ancient gathering-site of the Ankaykari, situated on the island of Maroth. It stands in a circular courtyard surrounded by rows of arches. The names of former Sovereignties are carved on its surface in an antiquated script that even the immortals now find hard to decipher. No one remembers who ruled them or when they occurred, and there is no space left to engrave any more. Instead, the names of new Svereignties are added to plaques on a wall in the Palace of Time.

Porrucan ~
An Askamaran creature that resembles a wild boar.

Portal ~
Portals are artificially-created magical gates that are used to travel between Askamar, Udaris and the Dimensions. While portals can theoretically be opened from anywhere, every portal must have a fixed anchor at its exit point. This is usually provided by a combination of kutazine and lahanite azuhans arranged in the correct pattern. However, it is possible to anchor a portal on any object that is sufficiently powerful – including the heart of an Ankaykari.