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Oamsarath ~
The Citadel of the Nayusuru Lady Arellesria

Oborsurea ~
A continent in south-western Udaris.

Okaruzite ~
A kind of azuhan which is used to replenish the power of other magical jewels

Okseda ~
Okseda is a high-ranking Kaniyari mage. As the daughter of the Esu Lady Ruzenathra, she makes an invaluable ally, for the Veskansarean dragons defer to her in battle. She has fought for the Yanbukan army, and is currently an adviser to Queen Zirazine of Eremiro.

Olemnashial ~
The Nayusuru lady who dwells in the land of Ummere

Onadura ~
An Usathian kingdom ruled by Lord Daskesurul. Its people fought to defend Farenia from the Shuredoreans, but were eventually overwhelmed by northern barbarians. The human kingdom of Eoradha eventually arose in its place.

Onranduruth ~
The Citadel of the Nayusuru Lord Larthesiul

Onumeh ~
The Citadel of the Nayusuru Lady Olemnashial

Orunogra ~
A large creature which roams the forests of Askamar

Oumevare ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lord Gesmoriul dwells. It is an austere but beautiful land of pine woods, peaks and misty valleys.