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Oborsurea ~
Oborsurea is a continent in southern Udaris composed of tropical forests, savannahs and deserts. Great rainforests extend across the north. Beyond these are vast plains roamed by elephants, lions and antelopes. To the far south lie deserts which finally give way to grasslands and forests once more. The wealthiest region of Oborsurea is along the eastern coast, but many great kingdoms have also arisen around the inland sea of Chasuwa.

Okseda ~
Okseda is a high-ranking Kaniyari mage. As the daughter of the Esu Lady Ruzenathra, she makes an invaluable ally, for the Veskansarean dragons defer to her in battle. She has fought for the Yanbukan army, and is currently an adviser to Queen Zirazine of Eremiro.

Olemnashial ~
Olemnashial is an immortal who dwells in the Ummere. She usually serves Lord Yazelern, but during the Truce of Elanthar she chose to join Liralian’s court because she wanted to do more to help humankind. She soon felt out of place there, but she remained loyal to Liralian until the Ankaykari Sovereign Ruzenathra broke their court apart in 1257 EA.

Onadura ~
Onadura was an ancient Usathian kingdom ruled by the immortal Lord Daskesurul. Like many of his mundane territories, it was weakened by civil strife, eventually falling to Edhathi invaders in 801 EA. All the immortals were horrified by the bloodshed that followed its downfall.

Oranah Vhayaudas ~
Oranah is a Kesauphuran princess. When he sister Sirsah married the immortal Lord Tassedehami, Oranah chose to reside with her in the magical realm. Oranah now makes her home in the Yanbukan city of Nenushka, where she is known as an historian.

Oumevare ~
Oumevare is the region of Askamar where the immortal lord Gesmoriul dwells. It is a land of pine woods, peaks and misty valleys. The sky is pale purple and the winds that sigh through its shadowy forests are often laced with ice. Its main river is the dark Sanurath, which bubbles with magic as it winds through the valleys to the Sea of Smoke.