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Naoskiu ~
Naosakiu is a kingdom in north-western Tanurea. Between 754 and 941 EA, its people conquered an empire spreading from the river Naroquah to the border of the Kaburi plains. Even after their power collapsed, their language was preserved as the common speech across the north.

Namiva ~
Namiva was a kingdom in central Usathia whose rulers were allied with the Ankaykari Lord Tassedehami. The royal dynasty of Namiva was eventually overthrown by the Wizard Rakkian.

Naskaran ~
Naskaran is the son the immortal Lord Naskremari and Princess Rasayna of Aumoreya. As Emperor of Yanbuka, he is one of the most powerful of the Kaniyari. Naskaran is a skilled general and formidable battle-mage. He conquered the Ankaykari territory of Eremiro in 1442 EA and maintains an alliance with a third Ankaykari territory, Arunisa.

Naskremari ~
Naskremari is the immortal lord who rules the Court of Burshnar and the mundane Empire of Yanbuka. Although he was once considered a harsh ruler and a difficult ally, he has mellowed since the fall of Shekruvaris. Naskremari’s heart was devoured by Jagrothazri in 1441 EA, but his son Naskaran held Yanbuka together until his rescue.

Naurgath ~
Naurgaths are a kind of fish found in the waters of Askamar, being especially common in the swamp of Nursumemur. They are about five foot long, with sinuous bodies and fanged holes instead of mouths. Of all Askamar’s aquatic creatures, they are the most horrific, as those who are seized by a naurgath are gradually eaten alive.

Nayusuru ~
The Nayusuru are magically weaker than the Esu and are therefore regarded as the ‘servant class’ of Ankaykari society. However, the more ambitious among them can still wield influence, as the Esu need their loyalty to maintain the standing of their court. A strong court consists of three Nayusuru, while an Esu with no servants is considered pathetic.

Nemzemel ~
Nemzemel is a Kaniyari who has chosen to reside in Yanbuka. Although he seldom takes any interest in politics, he is not to be underestimated, for he is a mage of Akes-Dakrasu rank.

The Treaty of Nenathal ~
The ancient Treaty of Nenathal was established soon after the Esu Ankaykari began ruling the lands of humans. It lays down a code of law for the governance of mundane territories and the waging of war in Udaris that all Ankaykari have agreed to uphold.

Nezruthar ~
Nezruthar is the region of Askamar ruled by the immortal Lord Takanepi. It is a windswept land covered in scree and snow. Mortals consider it so bleak that they call Takanepi the Lord of Desolation. The Citadel of Nezruthar is called Daramorag, but it is also known as the Fortress of the Gales because of the winds that howl around its towers.

Nursumemor ~
Nursumemur is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lord Kurunari dwells. Much of the land is covered by a vast swamp through which the channels of the river Sanurath flow. It is regarded as a dismal place, but many valuable plants grow there.