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Mapharissa ~
Mapharissa is the Empress of Yanbuka. Like her husband the Emperor Naskaran, she is a Kaniyari mage from Burshnar. Mapharissa oversees the imperial court while Naskaran is away defending the borders. The common people love her, for she is considered wise and just.

Marlhagra ~
Marlhagra are small winged creatures found in the swamps of Askamar. Their bite is venomous, causing those who are bitten to feel hot and feverish. The symptoms subside after a few days, but sickness and delirium can prove fatal in the Askamaran swamps.

Maroth ~
Maroth is an island that lies beyond Askamar’s Bitter Sea. Unlike most regions of the magical realm, it has not been claimed by any of the immortals, but is regarded as common ground. All of their most significant sites are situated on Maroth – the Pillar of Ages, the Palace of Time and the dreaded dungeon of Garashent.

Mazern ~
Mazern is the brother of the Yanbukan Emperor Naskaran, but he is seldom seen at court. Instead, he is better known as an adventurer.

Memukia ~
Memukias are small creatures that look like winged lizards. They dwell in the forests of the magical realm, where they scuttle along branches and glide through the air to catch insects. Although they are notoriously difficult to catch, some dragons like to eat them.

Mendaran ~
Mendaran is by far the most powerful of the Kaniyari. He once fought for the tyrannous Ankaykari Sovereign Ruzenathra, but now serves as Arch-Mage of the Seven Kingdoms, endeavoring to maintain peace between the mortal rulers there.

Mormariul ~
Mormariul is the immortal lady who once ruled Zepzaris. She has always been passionate, proud and impulsive, but after she was trapped in Udaris by the wizard Hakenar she became increasingly deranged. In 1237 EA she poisoned Ruzenathra, destroyed Liralian’s Citadel and threw herself into the Abyss, causing the Mugardazran. She is currently under guard in the Citadel of her former friend Takanepi.

Mugardazran ~
The Mugardazran (pronounced mu-gar-daz-ran, it literally means ‘the magical storms’) is the name given to the dire storms that swept Askamar from 1237 to 1258 EA. It was a time of terror and starvation, when most dragons were forced to flee to Udaris. Several unusually powerful mages born during the Mugardazran, including Mendaran and Hagorzardul.