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Kahubur ~
Kahubur is a kingdom along the Ishkebuan Coast in Usathia. Once the heartland of a mighty empire, it is now a place of fading grandeur. Daskesurul gained the allegiance of its emperor in 535 EA, but the empire soon fragmented under the strain of his wars. The immortal lord clung to power in Kahubur’s heartlands until 702 E.A, when the hero Prince Yansharas Basudahan finally overthrew him.

Kalyanen / Kalyessa ~
Kalyanen is an Eremiran word used to respectfully address a male mage (while it can be translated as ‘my lord’, it is never used for non-magical aristocracy). Kalyessa is the female equivalent.

Kaniyari ~
A Kaniyari is the offspring of a union between an Ankaykari and a mortal. From their Ankaykari parent they gain great magical powers, the ability to recover from almost any wound, and a lifespan of about a thousand years. From their mortal parent they inherit the ability to dwell in the mundane world. For this reason, many choose to reside in Udaris, where no mortal or Ankaykari is powerful enough to challenge them.

Karshulure ~
Karshulure is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lady Xessuralen dwells. It is a land of low mountains and vast plains of rustling grass. The sky is reddish-purple, and a bitter wind sweeps the western peaks. Although dragons find food plentiful in Karshulure, they must also be wary of the feline xernats that lie in wait among the tall grasses.

Kayuvare ~
Kayuvare is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lady Quenezarea dwells. Lying in the Outer Reaches of the realm, it is a land of snow, ice and windswept mountains. Fantastical icicles form in Kayuvare’s caverns, and pools glitter with liquid magic. Winds sigh over the snow drifts, but when they fade away there is only silence.

Kephreyel ~
Kephreyel is an Eremiran Kaniyari who spent many years travelling eastern Udaris with his friend Prince Mazern of Yanbuka.

Kuarake ~
A province in Yanbuka, once an ancient kingdom called Qualo Aeo.

Kurunari ~
Kurunari is an immortal who dwells in Nursumemur. Although he usually serves Lady Ruzenathra, it is believed that his first loyalty is to his friends Xanuspari and Zotharan. Together, they are regarded as the most fearsome Nayusuru warriors in the realm. Kurunari is known not only for his skill in combat but also for his knowledge of rare magical plants. He is a fine healer, and knows how to brew a great variety of potions.

Kusa Garald ~
Kusa is the second wife of the immortal Lord Tassedehami. The daughter of a Munersan nobleman, she lived in Kesauphur for several years before she went to dwell in Askamar.