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Kahubur ~
A mighty empire that waged war on Yanbuka. It lasted for over five centuries, but was ruled for the final 200 years of its history by Lord Daskesurul.

Kaniyari ~
The offspring of an Ankaykari and a mortal. From their Ankaykari parent they gain great magical powers, the ability to recover from almost any wound and a lifespan of about a thousand years. From their mortal parent they inherit the ability to dwell in the mundane world. For this reason, most Kaniyari choose to reside in Udaris, where no mortal or Ankaykari is powerful enough to challenge them.

Kannath Seothra (the elder) ~
The brother of King Idhan II of Eoradha and the Royal Wizard Surug. He was slain in battle while defending his homeland from the army of Lord Daskesurul.

Kannath ‘Kan’ Seothra (the younger) ~
The son of the Eoradhan Royal Wizard Surug, named after Surug’s brother

Karshulure ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lady Xessuralen dwells. It is a land of low mountains and rustling grasslands infested with stinging insects.

Kayuvare ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lady Quenezarea dwells. Lying in the Outer Reaches of the realm, it is a land of snow, ice and windswept mountains.

Kephreyel ~
A Eremiran Kaniyari of Akes-Yenarasu rank. Kephreyel famously spent many years travelling around eastern Udaris with his friend Prince Mazern of Yanbuka.

Kuarake ~
A province in Yanbuka, once an ancient kingdom called Qualo Aeo.

Kurunari ~
The Nayusuru lord who dwells in the land of Nursumemur