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Jabigra ~
Jabigras are rare Askamaran animals with thick fur, tusks and horns. Humans sometimes call them tusked bears, because of their resemblance to the Udarissan creatures with which they are familiar. Jabigras roam the pine forests of Quathevara and Surmanalle, where they devour nuts, berries, fish and carrion. They were once common in northern Zepzaris, but hunting jabigras became a favorite sport of Vanotaquan nobles who wished to bring a trophy back from Askamar.

Jagrothazri ~
Jagrothazri is the fierce-tempered younger brother of the Dragon King Zakrusepi. He believes the Dragonlands would be stronger if they were ruled by himself, but Zakrusepi thinks that he is just delusional. He regards Jagrothazri as a hot-headed, slow-witted brute, and believes that if he did oust him, he would be incapable of ruling.

Janakeza ~
Janakeza was a colony in western Tanurea founded by the Gabakaruans. Its settlers conquered most of the surrounding lands, exacting heavy tributes from the native Tanureans. However, it fell after three hundred years and is now nothing but a hated memory. Its last governor was Ekanan Nutakawa – a proud man who frequently questioned Ruzenathra’s will. Weakened by civil strife and the war against Liralian’s forces, the colony finally fell into the hands of rebels in 610 EA. Terrible slaughter ensued, to the horror of all the Ankaykari.

Janzaris ~
Janzaris was an Ankaykari Sovereignty ruled by Naskremari. Founded in 157 BEA, it lasted until 95 EA, when Naskremari was betrayed and overthrown by this old foe Daskesurul. However, Daskesurul did not command enough support from the other Esu to found his own sovereignty, nor was he able to wrestle the Key to Garashent from Naskremari. Instead, Askamar was plunged into a period of brutal conflict known as the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars.

Jasanure ~
Jasanure is part of the Dragonlands, and is also the region of Askamar where the immortal Lord Iruzathe dwells. Its Citadel is known as Xusural. Although Jasanure has a few forests, lakes and low mountain ranges, most of the land is covered by plains. The Harul-Esria dragon tribe dwells in the mountains to the north. They once served in the army of Iruzathe’s Esu ruler Daskesurul, but now they fight for the Dragon King.

Jaxunam Karuzata ~
Jaxunam (1071 – 1158 EA) was the Vanotaquan lord who rescued Mormariul’s Anengharen from Hakenar. As a reward, Mormariul proclaimed him emperor of Vanotaqua and gave him the legendary sword Narongaztar. However, he never succeeded in founding his own dynasty. His oldest son Akayam died in a hunting accident, and his other son Raxaim was killed during the Blood Sea Wars.

Jazhagria ~
Jazhagras are winged Askamaran creatures with spiked tails, leathery skin and spines running down their backs. In colour, they range from brown to dark grey, and some varieties have mottled markings. Jazhagras live together in large flocks. They mainly feed on carrion. However, they are highly territorial and aggressive, and have been known to form deadly swarms which mob travellers who venture into their lands.

Jehbak En-Tayal ~
Jehbak (917 – 975 EA) was a Gabakaruan lord and the captain of the Sea Eagle, famous for the explorations he carried out on behalf of the Ektanstaran Order. He charted the east coast of Zasulia as far south as the Ilse of Charobak (which he named after the emperor of Gabakarua), and attempted to find a passage through the Hakarru Sea to Usathia.