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Jabigra ~
A rare Askamaran predator with thick fur, tusks and horns

Janakeza ~
An empire in western Razurea ruled by the Ankaykari Lady Ruzenathra

Janzaris ~
An Ankaykari soveriegnty ruled by Lord Naskremari

Jasanure ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lord Iruzathe dwells. Although it has a few forests, lakes and low mountain ranges, most of the land is covered by vast plains.

Jaxunam Karuzata ~
The Vanotaquan lord who rescued Mormariul’s Anengharen from Hakenar. As a reward for his loyalty, Mormariul proclaimed him the new emperor of Vanotaqua.

Jazhagria ~
A small but vicious web-winged creature that dwells in Askamar, most commonly found in arid regions.

Jeon ~
An Eoradhan wizard

Jemesam ~
A popular Askamaran board-game

Juria ~
An ancient Oborsurean empire ruled by the Ankaykari Lord Naskremari