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Iazithon ~
Iazithon is the name for any metal formed of eduanau (solidified magic). It is used to forge magical weapons and other artefacts.

Ikraketh ~
Ikraketh trees flourish in Askamar’s arid Inner Lands, but can be found as far south as Ebzazire and Izgurkoth. Their twigs are covered in poisoned thorns that cause swift paralysis and death. Some say that ikrakeths are nourished by the corpses rotting at their roots. Those who venture into an Ikraketh forest seldom return alive.

Ilenissa ~
Ilenissa was first vassal queen to govern Arunisa. Yazelern gave her the throne after her brother King Taron IX was judged unworthy to rule.

Ilsendra ~
Ilsendra is the daughter of Lord Yazelern and Besareda of Uorn. She is an Akes-dakrasu battle-mage who serves as Arch-mage of Arunisa, but she is known more for her fabulous parties than her skill in combat.

Imbire ~
Imbire is the region of Askamar ruled by the immortal Lady Saroparel. She claims it is the most beautiful land in the magical realm, and her servants have composed much poetry praising its tranquil forests, pools and flowery meadows. Imbire is the only land in Askamar to have been invaded by a human army – the forces of the mad Shuredorean Emperor Orothassan II, who came through a Gateway and were swiftly defeated.

Iruzathe ~
Iruzathe is an immortal who dwells in Jasanure. He used to be a loyal servant of Tassedehami, but his Citadel was conquered by Daskesurul during the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars. Although he briefly returned to the Ebzazire after the fall of Shekruvaris, his Citadel was stormed again during the Usurper’s War, and he now serves the Dragon King Zakrusepi.

Iskandreyel ~
Iskandreyel is the Royal Consort of Queen Zirazine of Eremiro. He is fiercely loyal to her, but is regarded with fear by the rest of the court.

Islands in the River of Time ~
A work of Ankaykari literature that contains philosophical musings on the nature of eternity. It is thought to have been written by Takanepi.

Izgurkoth ~
Izgurkoth is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lady Tarissarul dwells. It is a dusty, barren land famous for its great maze of pinnacles and ravines. Every so often, dragons gather from the surrounding regions to take part in a race through the chasms. To the south of the ravines are dry grasslands, while beyond the western coast is the island of Ran.