Reference: I

Iazithon ~
A metal formed of eduanau (solidified magic)

Ice-adagria ~
A species of adagria found only in Nezruthar and Kayuvare

Idhan II ~
The fourth king of the Seothra dynasty which ruled Eoradha

Ikraketh ~
An infmous Askamaran tree which flourishes in the arid Inner Lands. Its twigs are covered in poisoned thorns which cause swift paralysis followed by death.

Ilenissa ~
The first vassal queen to govern Arunisa. Yazelern was eventually persuaded to give her the throne after her brother King Taron IX was judged unworthy to rule.

Ilsendra ~
The daughter of Lord Yazelern and Besareda of Uorn. Islendra is an Akes-dakrasu battle-mage who serves as Arch-mage of Arunisa, but she is known more for her fabulous parties than her skill in combat.

Imbire ~
The region of Askamar ruled by the Esu Lady Saroparel. It is a beautful land of ancient forests, pools and flowery meadows, roamed by paguras and silver cats.

Iruzathe ~
The Nayusuru lord who dwells in land of Jasanure

Iskandreyel ~
The Royal Consort of Queen Zirazine of Eremiro.

Islands in the River of Time ~
An anonymous work of Ankaykari literature. It contains philosophical musings on the nature of eternity, and is thought to have been written by Takanepi.

Izgurkoth ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lady Tarissarul dwells. It is a dusty, barren land famous for its great maze of pinnacles and ravines.