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Hadacha ~
An island kingdom in eastern Oborusrea. For many years it was allied with the Kahuburan Empire, which used it as a stronghold from which to attack Yanbuka.

Hagakah ~
A huge tentacled carnivore which swims through the seas of Askamar

Hakenar Vakagia ~
A treacherous wizard-king from Garakia. Having seduced Mormariul, he seized her Anengharen and took control of the Vanotaquan Empire for many years.

The Harmonious Palace ~
A book beleived to have been written by Daskesurul and Saroparel. It describes how an Askamaran court should be ruled and has a large section on Ankaykari etiquette.

Hasrukia ~
A continent which lies in the tropical seas of southern Udaris. It is a land of rainforests, grasslands and scorching deserts, surrounded by sun-drenched islands.

Hatsiaka ~
A Razurean kingdom which bordered Danyubao. Its rulers were allied with the Ankaykari Lady Liralian and eventually joined her Tuyaz-Oan Empire.

Hazarakanism ~
The state religion of the Ankaykari empires of Gabakarua and Yanbuka

A History of the Ankaykari ~
A multi-volume work by Liralian. It tells the history of the Ankaykari from the dawn of time to the present day, but much of it is based on myth and speculation.

Humans ~
The only people known to dwell in the mundane world

Hutayawa ~
A chiefdom to the west of Tuyaz-Oa