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Hagakah ~
Hagakahs are huge tentacled carnivores that swim through the waters of Askamar. They are found in the Inner Sea, where they lurk in rocky creeks and half-submerged caves. The dragons who fish along the coasts are terrified of them, for hagakahs will devour anything that comes within their reach. Their tentacles whip out to seize their prey, crushing it and dragging it back into their beaked maws.

Hagorzardul ~
Hagorzardul (1240 – 1429 EA) was a great warrior of the Bantagri tribe who fathered Zakrusepi, Jagrothazri and Skurmondul. Hagorzardul went into hiding after Jagrothazri’s failed revolt against Lord Daskesurul, and only later heard how his other son, Zakrusepi, had overthrown the tyrant and become the ruler of Zaresnar. However, Hagorzardul found it hard to accept the idea of a Dragon Kingdom, and he chose to live out the remainder of his life alone.

Hakenar Vakagia ~
Hakenar (880 – 1095 EA) was an ambitious wizard-king from Garakia, known for his cunning and charisma. When he heard that Mormariul’s Vanotaquan Empire was being torn apart by invading armies, he led his forces south to assist her and soon became her lover. Eventually he betrayed her, trapping her in the mundane world and declaring himself emperor. An elixir of immortality enabled him to rule for 170 years. Once Mormariul regained her freedom, she took terrible revenge on her erstwhile lover. His carcass can still be seen in her Citadel.

The Harmonious Palace ~
A book beleived to have been written by Daskesurul and Saroparel. It describes how an Askamaran court should be ruled and has a large section on Ankaykari etiquette.

Hasrukia ~
Hasrukia is a large island that lies off the western coast of Zasulia. It is a land of rainforests, grasslands and scorching deserts, surrounded by beautiful sun-drenched islands. Merchant city-states stand along the north-western coasts, trading with the wealthy islands of Skanshuria. Further south, the dry plains and deserts are inhabited by scattered tribes. Hasrukia’s most powerful civilization is the Gabakaruan Empire.

Hatsiaka ~
Hatsiaka was a Tanurea kingdom that bordered Danyubao. It was a mountainous land, famous for its fertile valleys and gold mines. To the east were volcanic peaks while to the west were deserts. The land was often raided by Xatakki and Caruaks, so its people allied with the immortal Lady Liralian and eventually joined her Tuyaz-Oan Empire.

A History of the Ankaykari ~
A work by Liralian. It tells the history of the Ankaykari from the dawn of time to the present day, but much of it is based on myth.

Humans ~
Humans are a people who dwell in mundane world. The Ankaykari have been fascinated by humankind ever since the founding of the first Udarissan cities, for they believe that humans are like themselves – people who build edifices, develop systems of writing and are ruled by kings. It is for this reason that the Ankaykari usually choose to assume human guise and adorn their Citadels with human artefacts. All are eager to bring the mundane world under their power, much to the dismay of those humans who wished to govern their own affairs.

Hutayawa ~
Hutayawa is a chiefdom to in southern Tanurea, whose warriors often raided the Tuyaz-Oan empire. Although attempts were made to negotiate peace between the two lands, the Tuyaz-Oans regarded the Hutayawans as uncouth barbarians. The Hutayawans in turn regarded the Tuyaz-Oans as arrogant fools. The Hutayawans sometimes trade with the Gabakaruans, who established an outpost on their coast in 532 EA.