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Gabakarua ~
An ancient and powerful empire in Hasrukia ruled by the Ankaykari Lady Ruzenathra

Gabuwesu ~
An Oborsurean kingdom once ruled by the Ankaykari Lady Liralian.

The Gahuzan Archipelago ~
A series of islands which lie between the Udarissan continents of Razurea, Tanathia and Zasulia.

Ganathon II ~
An Arunisan vassal-king who rebelled against Lord Yazelern

Garanzhine ~
A kind of azuhan which drinks in magic

Garashent ~
The dreaded dungeon where Ankaykari sovereigns imprison those who have angered or defied them. It stands on the island of Maroth, and its courtyard serves as one of the great ceremonial gathering sites of the realm.

Gateway ~
A magical passage which links Askamar, Udaris and the Dimensions

The House of Gauran ~
A dynasty which once ruled the kingdom of Eoradha

Gennezra ~
The Citadel of the Esu Lady Mormariul

Gesagira ~
A small Askamaran creature with grey fur and leathery wings

Gesmoriul ~
The Nayusuru lord who dwells in land of Oumevare. His allegiance traditionally lies with Saroparel and the court of Imbire.

The House of Ghaz Ahaya ~
The dynasty that ruled the Tuyaz-Oan Empire

Gureshmoy ~
A Gateway leading from Usathia to Thasenare

Guzrazan ~
A lean and fearsome Askamaran predator which hunts in packs.