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Farauquan Ghaz Ahaya ~
Farauquan (941 – 1014 EA) was a Bakoquan prince whose travels took him to the ancient kingdom of Danyubao, where he met the immortal Lady Liralian. The pair fell in love, and when Bakoqua was threatened by the Caruaks, Liralian sent an army of dragons to defend it. Farauquan eventually founded the Tuyaz-Oan Empire, but he left the throne to his nephew and returned to Askamar to live with his beloved.

Farenia ~
Farenia was a Eremiran colony in central Usathia, established around the Gateway of Iroladion in 708 EA. Despite the support of Arunisa and Onadura, it lasted a mere seven decades, falling in 784 EA to the same wave of Edhathi invaders that destroyed Onadura. Saroparel had only established the colony at Daskesurul’s suggestion, but for centuries afterwards she mourned the fall of ‘valiant Farenia’.

Fashashuph ~
The beautiful but deadly fashasuphs are a kind of jellyfish found in the Inner Sea of Askamar. Their bells grow four feet in diameter, trailing a great mass of tentacles. Although they are occasionally seen washed up on the shores of Ebzazire and Zaresnar, they are usually only encountered in deeper water. Fashasuphs are among the most magical of Askamar’s creatures, and can live for hundreds of years.

The Five Seas of Fahradon ~
The Five Seas of Fahradon are a legend among mortal-kind, although the Ankaykari claim they are real. Some speculate that they were the site of an ancient magical cataclysm. They are said to lie beyond the deserts of southern Zasulia, but no mortal has been known to visit them.