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Ebzazire ~
The region of Askamar ruled by the Esu Lord Tassedehami. It is a land of harsh peaks and dusty valleys, swamps and deep, mysterious caverns.

Ekretta ~
A kind of Askamaran tree. They are highly valued by human travellers since their berries can be eaten by mortals without any side-effects.

Ekusha ~
A province of the Yanbukan empire.

The Truce of Elanthar ~
A truce established by the Esu Ankaykari following the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars. They agreed that there should be no more fighting within the realm and that Lady Saroparel should be appointed as the Guardian of Garashent. However, enmities still festered among them and their conflicts in the mundane world continued unabated.

Elareaph ~
A flowering shrub which flourishes in the cool valleys of Askamar

Eoradha ~
A Usathian kingdom founded by the invaders who overran Onadura

Enasaru ~
A sparkling blue liquid magic which freezes to enasarize along the edges of Askamar. It flows from many springs throughout the magical realm, and is commonly used by the Ankaykari to sustain them when they visit the mundane world.

Eremiro ~
An ancient kingdom in Skanshuria ruled by the Ankaykari Lady Saroparel.

Erulorian ~
A Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in the land of Quathevara. For countless millennia she has been Liralian’s devoted servant, standing by her even when others have deserted her cause. Erulorian is calm, patient and thoughtful. Although she is mainly known for her skill as a healer, she is also considered a philosopher.

Esellasea ~
A Kaniyari lady; sister-in-law to Queen Zirazine of Eremiro.

Esephrul ~
The Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in the land of Vosthegan

Eshazuria ~
A continent of Udaris composed of dry forests, grasslands and deserts

Esu Ankaykari ~
The aristocrats of Ankaykari society (humans sometimes translate Esu as ‘king’ or ‘queen’, but they are not to be confused with Ankaykari Sovereigns). There are nine Esu, known collectively as the Nine Rulers of the Realm.

Ezorille ~
An Askamaran creature which resembles a winged lizard