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Ebzazire ~
Ebzazire is the region of Askamar ruled by the immortal Lord Tassedehami. It is a land of harsh peaks and dusty valleys, swamps and deep, mysterious caverns. Many dragons fled there over the years to escape Daskesurul’s tyranny, and they remain loyal to Tassdehami despite his refusal to serve the Dragon King.

Ekretta ~
Ekrettas are trees commonly found in the cooler regions of Askamar. They are highly valued by human travellers since their berries can be eaten without any side-effects. Ekrettas have silvery leaves and bear fragrant white blossoms. They are often grown in the orchards of Ankaykari Citadels alongside usuhal trees.

Ektanstaran Order ~
The Order of Ektanstar is a society of mortals who wish to understand the workings of the world. Originally founded by the Gabakaruan philosopher Ektanstar in the first century, its members can now be found across Udaris. They include mages, historians, astronomers, cartographers, philosophers and even explorers.

Ekusha ~
A province of the Yanbukan empire.

The Truce of Elanthar ~
The Truce of Elanthar was established in 925 EA, ending the terrible wars that had engulfed Askamar since the fall of Janzaris. The Esu agreed that there should be no more fighting within the realm and that Lady Saroparel should be appointed as the Guardian of Garashent. However, ancient enmities still festered among the immortals and their conflicts in the mundane world continued unabated.

Eoradha ~
Eoradha is a kingdom in Usathia founded by invaders who overran Onadura. They brutally killed or subjugated Daskesurul’s human followers and destroyed much of Onadura’s culture. For centuries, the Eoradhans celebrated the defeat of the ‘Ankaykari tyrants’, but their independence came under threat when the embittered Lord Nugra Gauran promised to become Daskesurul’s vassal in return for the throne. Both Liralian and Mormariul were drawn into the war that followed.

Enasaru ~
Enasaru is a sparkling blue liquid magic that freezes to enasarize along the edges of Askamar. It flows from many springs throughout the magical realm, and is commonly used by the Ankaykari to sustain them when they visit the mundane world.

Eremiro ~
Eremiro is an ancient queendom in Skanshuria ruled by the immortal Lady Saroparel. It is known for its elaborate intrigues and court ceremonial. Eremiro has a strictly hierarchical society, with mages holding the positions of highest authority. The nobility pride themselves on their culture and artistic skill, while the soldiers are famed for their selfless dedication to the queendom. Eremiro’s crown city, Varbeshion, stands near the Gateway of Cezura which leads into Imbire.

Erulorian ~
Erulorian is an immortal dwells in Quathevara. For millennia she has been Liralian’s devoted servant, standing by her even when others have deserted her cause. Erulorian is calm, patient and thoughtful. Although she is mainly known for her skill as a healer, she is also considered a philosopher – some even believe that she wrote The Citadel of the Mind.

Esellasea ~
Esellasea is a high-ranking Kaniyari mage from Eremiro. She likes to consider herself a close confidante of Queen Zirazine, who is her sister-in-law. However, Zirazine often treats her with contempt, having little patience for Esellasea’s plots.

Esephrul ~
Esephrul is an immortal who dwells in Vosthegan. He serves Lord Naskremari, and was the only Ankaykari to remain in the Court of Burshnar after Naskremari’s downfall in 1441 EA. He takes a keen interest in human politics, and often visits the mundane world to advise Naskremari’s son, the Yanbukan Emperor Naskaran.

Esu Ankaykari ~
The Esu are the aristocrats of Ankaykari society (humans sometimes translate Esu as ‘king’ or ‘queen’, but they are not to be confused with Sovereigns). There are nine in total: Daskesurul, Liralian, Mormariul, Naskremari, Ruzenathra, Saroparel, Takanepi, Tassedehami and Yazelern.

Ezorille ~
Ezorilles are among the many exotic creatures that inhabit the Askamaran lands of Burshnar and Ummere. They resemble lizards with glossy black skin and multi-faceted eyes, but the males also appear to have iridescent wings like those of insects. The shimmering fans on their backs are actually used to impress females – unlike the true winged lizards known as memukias, ezorilles cannot fly.