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Dakayathar ~
At the heart of the realm of Askamar, beyond a sea of boiling liquid magic, stands Dakayathar – the Island of the Abyss. No mortal creatures can survive there – even bone-adagrias shun its shores. The Ankaykari believe that Dakayathar was the first land to arise from the churning waters during the realm’s creation. Although it is rich in magical jewels, the storms that rage over the Island of the Abyss are so violent that even the immortals seldom choose to travel there.

Danira ~
Danira is a Kaniyari who spent her early life in the mundane kingdom of Wayaiqua, unaware of her true heritage. She thought she was a human mage until she discovered that her father was the immortal Lord Larthesirul, and that she came from the Court of Thasenare. Danira currently serves as a companion to Lady Ilsendra, the Arch-Mage of Arunisa. However, she still cares deeply about Wayaiqua, and she often visits her old village, Kanukajao.

Danyubao ~
Danyubao is a mountainous land in Tanurea ruled by the Ankaykari lady Liralian. At first its people were simple hunters and farmers, but over the years Danyubao grew in power and sophistication, and eventually became part of Liralian’s Tuyaz-Oan Empire. The Danyubaons are said to be great mages, although they never use their power to harm others.

Dargora ~
Dargora is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lady Drathessa dwells. It is a land of rugged mountains and pine-forests, lashed by rain and cold winds. The waves of the Sea of Smoke crash along its beaches and savage creatures roam its valleys. When it is not raining, the land is enveloped in dank mist. Many Ankaykari consider it a wild and miserable place, although Drathessa insists that her lands have a harsh beauty. The Citadel of Dargora is known as Xekrante.

Daskesurul ~
Daskesurul is the immortal who ruled the court of Zaresnar until he was devoured by Zakrusepi in 1354 EA. Although he was known as a ruthless fighter, he could also be devious and manipulative. Daskesurul prided himself on his cleverness, and loved gathering knowledge. He claimed that he was the first of the Esu to rule over a mundane kingdom. However, now he just exists as a voice inside Zakrusepi’s mind.

Dimensions ~
Like Askamar, the Dimensions were formed from magic in some distant age. Surrounded by roiling mists, they contain plains, mountains, ravines and lakes of liquid magic. The further down the labyrinth of Gateways a Dimension lies from Askamar or Udaris, the ‘deeper’ it is said to be.

Dragons ~
Dragons are a winged people who dwell in Askamar, living in clans among the mountains and along the coasts. They call themselves the Elder Race, claiming they were the first mortals to appear. Humans regard them with horror, not only because they are terrifying warriors but because they devour the flesh of humans after battle. The immortals often send them to Udaris to defend their mundane empires, to strike fear into those kings who defy them and to conquer new lands.

Drakuzare ~
Drakuzare is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lord Zotharan resides. It is a sombre land of pine forests, mountains and plains, where mists drift from the sea and chill winds sigh through the grasses. Many dragons dwell along its rugged coasts. They once provided the bulk of the fighters in Ruzenathra’s army, which is one reason why she regarded Zotharan as such a valued servant. Its Citadel is known as Nakonath.

Drathessa ~
Drathessa is the immortal who dwells in Dargora. Many high-ranking Esu have sought her allegiance, but she remains fiercely devoted to Tassedehami, the Lord of Ebzazire. Drathessa is quiet and intense, and has little skill at diplomacy. However, she is acknowledged as one of the greatest of the Nayusuru warriors, and it is said that Tassedehami never decides anything without first asking her opinion.