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Canrasiul ~
The Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in the land of Quezara.

Carashanza ~
The Nayusuru Ankaykari who dwells in the land of Rhakukath.

Caruak ~
A desert land in southern Razurea ruled by fierce warrior-kings. It was eventually conquered and absorbed into the Tuyaz-Oan Empire.

The Ceyth-Janzarian Wars ~
A terrible series of conflicts which arose among the Ankaykari after the fall of Janzaris. The wars ended with the establishment of the Truce of Elanthar.

Citadel ~
The home of an Ankaykari. To the immortals, a Citadel is a statement of identity, where memory and self-expression combine in concrete form. During times of war, they will fight until they are utterly defeated in order to defend their strongholds.

The Citadel of the Mind ~
An infamous work of Ankaykari literature which questions the authority of the Esu. As is the case with many Ankaykari books, the author is anonymous.

Chezorath ~
The Citadel of the Esu Lord Tassedehami.

The Council of the Esu ~
When Askamar is without a sovereign, the Esu sometimes attempt to form a council to govern the realm of Askamar. This seldom proves successful, as most Esu are too vain, quarrelsome and power-hungry to co-operate as equals.