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Canrasiul ~
Canrasiul is an immortal who dwells in Quezara. He once served Lord Daskesurul, even though the Esu lord treated him cruelly. His Citadel was stormed by mortals during the Usurper’s War, and he is a now a servant of the Dragon King Zakrusepi. Canrasiul is sharp, lively and intelligent, and is famed for his skill at weaving illusions.

Carashanza ~
Carashanza is an immortal who dwells in Rhakukath. She used to be Lord Daskesurul’s servant, until she betrayed him and gave her allegiance to Lady Mormariul. When Mormariul began her descent into madness, Carashanza remained in her court because she could not bear to leave the Vanotaquan Empire at the mercy of an insane Ankaykari tyrant. Carashanza now serves Lord Takanepi, helping his son Mendaran to defend the empire’s former lands.

Caruak ~
Caruak is a desert land in southern Tanurea ruled by warrior-kings. They traded with Janakeza from the 4th century onward, acquiring horses, camels and weapons, and swiftly extended their power east across the plains. Their king Taniwaya threatened the cities of Bakoqua but was defeated by Farauquan’s army in 980 EA. Afterwards, Caruak was absorbed into the Tuyaz-Oan Empire.

Citadel ~
The Citadels of Askamar are the homes of the Ankaykari. To the immortals, a Citadel is a statement of identity, where memory and self-expression combine in concrete form. They will fight until they are utterly defeated in order to defend their strongholds, for the thought of forsaking their Citadels is inconceivable to them.

The Citadel of the Mind ~
A work of Ankaykari literature that questions the authority of the Esu. As is the case with many Ankaykari books, the author is anonymous.

Cnagru ~
Cnagru (1251 – 1425 EA) was an infamous mage of the Bantagri tribe. Having been declared an Outcast for maiming her rival Gezagra, she fled into the swamps, where she raised her son Skurmondul. She is remembered for her cunning and lack of honour.

The Council of the Esu ~
When Askamar is without a Sovereign, the Ankaykari sometime form a ‘Council of the Esu’ to govern the realm. This usually meets at Garashent or the Pillar of Ages, and is led by the one who holds the key to Garashent. However, such councils have seldom proven successful, as most Esu are too vain, quarrelsome and power-hungry to co-operate.