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Bakoqua ~
Bakoqua is a prosperous land in southern Tanurea. Its people originally came from Wayaiquah, and much its wealth comes from trade with that ancient kingdom. At first Bakoqua was composed of independent city-states, but when the Caruaks invaded the region, the Bakoquan princes united under King Axaquan of Chaniwa. Bakoqua later became the foremost province of Liralian’s Tuyaz-Oan Empire, which was founded by Axaquan’s grandson Farauquan in 982 EA.

Bantagri ~
The Bantagri are a dragon tribe scattered across Veskansare, Zaresnar, Ebzazire and the surrounding lands. They judge others by their fighting prowess – in their culture, the greatest achievement is personal glory, which is won by defeating rivals in single combat. Their refusal to serve the Ankaykari led to them being persecuted for centuries, until the powerful Bantagri warrior-mage Zakrusepi conquered Zaresnar and proclaimed himself the Dragon King.

Baonath Gauran ~
Baonath was an Eoradhan wizard who promised to return Eoradha to Lord Daskesurul if his nephew Nugra was put upon the throne.

Barezeth ~
Barezeth is the region of Askamar ruled by the immortal Lady Liralian. It is a tranquil land of pine forests, lakes and vales lying in the cold Outer Reaches. Most of Barezeth’s dragon clans dwell along the southern coast, where they hunt fish in the chill waters. The Citadel of Barezeth is known as Quoraloresea and its main Gateway is Lanath, which leads to Tanurea.

Belanathu ~
Belanathu is an underwater plant that grows in the shallow Inner Sea of Askamar, especially around the islands of Ummere. It is luminous green in colour, with long waving fronds. Dried balanathu is highly sought-after by wizards, who grind it into a fine powder to use in spells of illusion.

Berayan ~
Berayan is one of the Great Houses of Eremiro, owning much of the land along the eastern coast. During the Yanbukan invasion of 1442, its High Lady Temarine betrayed the Queen and secured the position of Prime Minister within the new regime.

Besareda ~
Besareda was an Uornish noblewoman who fell in love with the immortal Lord Yazelern and bore him a daughter, Ilsendra. Besareda lived in Askamar for many years, but she later chose to return to the mundane world, where she married an Arunisan lord called Nariun Maresam.

Borgakral ~
Borgakral was a dragoness of the Bantagri tribe. She was less powerful – and therefore considered less impressive – than her elder sister Gezagra. Nevertheless, she helped raise Gezagra’s sons alongside her own daughters, Ressekural and Ctazokagra, after Gezagra became a cripple. They were hard years, and Borgakral never imagined that her nephew Zakrusepi would eventually become the Dragon King.

Burshnar ~
Burshnar is the region of Askamar ruled by the immortal Lord Naskremari. Along with Ummere and the dank forests of Rhakukath, it is one of the most verdant lands in the magical realm. Mortals regard it as a beautiful, perilous and mysterious place. Azuhans form around the bubbling mud-pits along its northern border and bizarre fruits grow on its trees. The Citadel of Burshnar is known as Baskranase.