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The Abyss ~
The Abyss is the fiery chasm at the heart of Askamar. It lies in Dakayathar, the barren ‘Island of the Abyss’, spewing magical fumes and flames into the sky. Even the Ankaykari are not sure how deep it plunges or what might be found at the bottom. Some say it is the source of all magic. Others believe it is a Gateway to the sun of the mundane world.

Adagria ~
Adagrias are small web-winged creatures that dwell in the realm of Askamar. There are many varieties, ranging from the mysterious bone-adagrias of the Inner Lands to the ice-adagrias of the outer reaches. Although they are magical creatures, they are sometimes seen in the mundane world, as human wizards like to keep them as pets.

Amanis ~
Amanis was an Ankaykari Sovereignty that existed from 253 BEA to 157 BEA. It was ruled by Yazelern, and remembered by the immortals as a time of great artistic and literary accomplishment. Amanis came to an end when Naskremari overthrew Yazelern and founded Janzaris.

Anengharen ~
An Anengharen is the heart of an Ankaykari. When the immortals are in their true incorporeal form, the Anengharen can be perceived glowing at their core. However, when they are magically starved it solidifies into a brilliant purple jewel that mortal wizards can use like an azuhan. Those who gain hold of an Anengharen immense power, but they must spend the rest of their lives evading the vengeance of the immortals.

Anevurah ~
Anevurah is the language spoken by Ankaykari when they are in human guise. It is also spoken by their human subjects, making it the most common language in both Askamar and Udaris. Although the Ankaykari try to maintain a standardised form of anevurah, even they cannot keep it from evolving, and there are many regional dialects. Most Askamaran place-names are derived from a more ancient version of the language.

Ankaykari ~
The Ankaykari are immortal entities who dwell in the magical realm. While they often appear in human or dragon guise they are shape-shifters who can assume any form they wish. Many mortals fear, envy and resent the Ankaykari, but they are frequently able to manipulate them through clever words and flattery.

The Ankaykari and their Servants ~
A guide to the peoples of Askamar written by Xaron of Thanabkaris in the 5th century EA. It also (inaccurately) describes the lands of Askamar and includes many of Xaron’s own opinions.

Anosharen ~
Anosharen is the region of Askamar where the immortal Lord Larthesiul resides. Much of the land is covered in a chill grey wasteland known as the Ashen Desert, although a jagged mountain range rises along the southern coast. The only dragons of Anosharen are the survivors of the Jessarual tribe, driven from Imbire and now dwelling around the icy Bay of Farhea. The Citadel of Anosharen is known as Onranduruth.

Arazugrathe ~
Arazugrathe (pronounced ara-zu-gra-they) is a fiery, windswept Dimension where valuable azuhans form. It is famous for its ‘thousand caverns’, and has been fought over by many Esu down the millennia.

Arellesria ~
Arellesria is an immortal who dwells in Serunuria and serves the Court of Thasenare. She regards herself as Yazelern’s most devoted servant, and is known throughout the realm for her charm, grace and artistic talent.

Arudha ~
Arudha (also known among the immortals as Aruthadul) is a Gateway in eastern Usathia which leads to the Dimension of Quanyathan. For many years it was used by the people of Onadura to reach the court of their Ankaykari ruler Daskesurul. Centuries later, Daskesurul used Arudha to invade the human kingdom of Eoradha.

Arunisa ~
Arunisa is a kingdom in far western Usathia ruled by the immortal Lord Yazelern. It is a land of forests, fertile meadows and meandering rivers, famed for its poets. The surrounding human kingdoms envy Arunisa’s wealth, but they fear its wizards and dragon warriors too much to invade. The Arunisans themselves are peaceful people who wish only to trade and exchange knowledge with other lands.

Askamar ~
Askamar is a magical realm linked to the mundane world of Udaris by Gateways. Some call it the Sunless Realm, as the land lies in eternal twilight. While Udaris is a globe, Askamar is a plane with an ocean around its edge and a fiery abyss at its heart. Askamar’s regions range from the deserts of the Inner Lands to the forested Midlands to the ice-bound wastes of the Outer Reaches.

Azuhan ~
An azuhan is a jewel formed of edunau (solidified magic). They come in many varieties, each with different properties. Human wizards and Ankaykari both used azuhans as a source of magical power. The jewels are usually set into rings or staffs. Some can regenerate, but most melt or crumble to dust once their power has been drained.