The Abyss ~
The fiery chasm which lies at the heart of Askamar on the island of Dakayathar.

Adagria ~
Small web-winged creatures which dwell in Askamar. There are many varieties, ranging from the bone-adagria of the Inner Lands to the ice-adagria of the Outer Reaches.

Adath Gauran ~
The chief advisor of King Raudhan IV of Eoradha. He was the father of Lord Daodhan and Wizard Baonath.

Adharan ~
The Eoradhan god of war.

Akyam Karuzata ~
A Vanotaquan prince imperial who died in a hunting accident.

Akzanarath ~
The Citadel of the Nayusuru Lord Canrasiul.

Anengharen ~
The heart of an Ankaykari.

Anevurah ~
The language spoken by Ankaykari when they are in human guise. It is also spoken by many yuyarni and by the human subjects of the immortals.

Angarba ~
An Askamaran creature resembling a wild goat.

Ankaykari ~
The immortal entities who dwell in Askamar. There are only twenty-seven Ankaykari – the nine Esu and eighteen Nayusuru – but they cannot be destroyed.

The Ankaykari and their Servants ~
A guide to the peoples of Askamar by Xaron of Thanabkaris. It also (inaccurately) describes the lands of Askamar and includes many of Xaron’s own opinions.

Anosharen ~
The region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lord Larthesiul dwells. Much of it is covered in a wasteland of grey sand known as the Ashen Desert.

Arag Gauran ~
The brother of Vassal-King Nugra of Eoradha.

Arazugrathe ~
A fiery, windswept Dimension where valuable azuhans form. Arazugrathe is famous for its ‘thousand caverns’, and has been fought over by many Esu down the millennia.

Arellesria ~
The Nayusuru lady who dwells in Serunuria. Her Citadel is Oamsarath.

The Arts of Magic ~
An introduction to magic and wizardry written by Wizard Vathuran of Kahubur.

Arunisa ~
A kingdom in far western Usathia ruled by the Ankaykari Lord Yazelern.

Aruthadal ~
A Gateway leading from Usathia to the Dimension of Quanyathan. Among the people of Eoradha it was also known as Arudha.

Askamar ~
A magical realm linked to the mundane world of Udaris by Gateways. It is a land of eternal twilight inhabited by yuyarni and the immortal Ankaykari.

Axaquan ~
The first king of Bakoqua. His grandson Farauquan founded the Tuyaz-Oan Empire.

Azuhan ~
A jewel formed of edunau (solidified magic). Azuhans are found in Askamar and the Dimensions, and are used by wizards and Ankaykari as a source of magical power.