The immortal lord Yazelern, ruler of the Court of Thasenare.The Ankaykari are immortal entities who dwell in the magical realm of Askamar. They are immensely powerful and impossible to destroy. Although Ankaykari often appear in human or dragon guise, they are shape-shifters who can assume any form they wish.

Ankaykari society is ruled by the nine Esu, each of whom strives to gain the allegiance of the other eight. Over the millennia, they have also founded great empires in the mundane world of Udaris with the help of their mortal servants.

Many mortals envy and resent the Ankaykari, but they are able to manipulate them through clever words. Sometimes mortals and Ankaykari fall in love, producing hybrid offspring known as Kaniyari.


A picture of some dragons by Louisa Watson
The dragons are a mortal race who dwell in Askamar. Magic runs through their blood, making them both powerful and long-lived. Many humans regard them with horror, not only because they are terrifying warriors but because they devour the flesh of humans after battle. In the eyes of some, they are no different from animals.

Dragons tend to look upon humans with equal contempt. They call themselves the Elder Race, claiming that they were the first of the mortal peoples to appear. Most dragons serve the Ankaykari in whose territory they reside. The immortals send them into Udaris to defend their mundane empires and conquer new lands.


Humans come from the mundane world, which is why Udaris is also sometimes referred to as the ‘human world’. To dragons they seem weak and short-lived. Few have magical powers. Instead, their strength lies in their cleverness and inventiveness, their empathy and their ability to work together.

The Ankaykari have been fascinated by humankind ever since the founding of the first Udarissan cities, for they believe that humans are like themselves — people who build edifices, develop systems of writing and are ruled by kings.

It is for this reason that the Ankaykari usually choose to assume human guise and adorn their Citadels with human artefacts. All are eager to bring the mundane world under their power, much to the dismay of those humans who wished to govern their own affairs.