Shekruvaris Part IV: The Ruler of Ruins

A Servant of Shekruvaris
Mendaran longs to prove himself to his father’s people – even if that means conquering the human world for the power-hungry Ankaykari Sovereign Ruzenathra.

A vicious confrontation with an Esu in the halls of Karazran leaves Mendaran feeling even more insecure about his human lineage.

The Dueling-Pit
Mendaran challenges Xanupsari to a duel.

Going to War
Takanepi watches in despair as his son Mendaran goes to crush a revolt in Liralian’s former empire.

At Sea
Mendaran sails north with Canrasiul and the Ukuzechan fleet, dreaming of glory.

The Defender of the Waves
Mendaran unleashes his power against mortal-kind for the first time as Daskesurul’s warships clash with the imperial fleet of Tuyaz-Oa.

Sunken Ships
Mendaran gazes out over the shattered enemy fleet, feeling disturbed by the destruction he has caused.

The Butcher of Jorazo
Ruzenathra’s Esu vassals gather in her scrying chamber to watch Mendaran lead the attack against Jorazo.

War Wounds
Mendaran feels tormented by memories of battle as he lies recovering from his injuries.

The Siege of Yhara-uza
Mendaran is sent back to the mundane world to storm the imperial city of Tuyaz-Oa.

The Executions
Erulorian is forced to watch as the captured leaders of the Tuyaz-Oan revolt are executed.

Mendaran’s Return
Mendaran arrives in Karazran to celebrate his victories – but Ruzenathra is still furious that he failed to bring the rebel Emperor Eraquan back alive.

Withering Fire
Liralian makes a stand against Shekruvaris.

A Betrayal
Zotharan reminds Ruzenathra of all he has done for her, hoping she will grant him at least one thing in return.

Farewell to Barezeth
Erulorian, Xessuralen and Olemnashial prepare to see their court torn asunder.

Zotharan’s Promise
Zotharan shows just how much he is willing to sacrifice to protect Erulorian.

A Servant of High Rank
Xessuralen returns to the Court of Burshnar.

Strength and Weakness
Naskremari holds a gathering at his Citadel.

Divided Loyalties
Naskremari fears that Xessuralen’s sympathies may still lie with the treacherous Court of Barezeth.

Bitter Words
Zotharan asks Canrasiul how Erulorian is faring in the Court of Zaresnar.

Tears for a Traitor
Yazelern finds Olemnashial weeping at the gates of Garashent.

An epic fantasy saga