Ashes and Dreams

For three hundred years the immortals have upheld the Truce of Elanthar, but the peace is failing.

Lady Liralian fears that nothing has truly changed among her people – even now, they scheme for power and wage war against each other in the human world. Now she feels that her only hope of bringing reform to Askamar is to persuade the others to make her Sovereign.

Liralian’s faithful servant Erulorian urges her to be patient and prove her wisdom, but then a mortal wizard comes to their court seeking aid, and Liralian finds herself entangled in a conflict that could cost her everything.

Status: In progress (2061 words)

Chapter One: An Uneasy Peace

Chapter Two: The Plight of Eoradha

Chapter Three: Talk of War

Chapter Four: The Wizard’s Son

Chapter Five: The Gardens of Quoraloresea

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An epic fantasy saga