The Sovereignty of Shekruvaris

Shekruvaris Part I: The Web of War
The creation of the Scepter of Xathun, the breaking of the Truce of Elanthar, the Eoradhan War and Liralian’s battles against Ruzenathra.

Shekruvaris Part II: The Scepter of Ice
The founding of Shekruvaris, the discovery of the ghaztarites and Takanepi’s attempt to govern Vanotaqua.

Shekruvaris Part III: The Storm Years
Ruzenathra struggles to hold her Sovereignty together as Askamar is lashed by storms, the yuyarni starve, and the humans of the ‘barbarian lands’ continue to defy her.

Shekruvaris Part IV: The Ruler of Ruins
Liralian’s return to the Royal Court, Mendaran’s battles in Tuyaz-Oa, and the downfall of Shekruvaris.

An epic fantasy saga