A Poisoned Land

Queen Zirazine has angered the Yanbukan Emperor Naskaran – firstly by imprisoning his brother Mazern, and secondly by helping the rival Gabakaruan Empire to invade his lands. Now Naskaran has arrived in Eremiro to take revenge. His superior army, resources and military experience make the outcome seem inevitable. However, Naskaran’s former lover Okseda has her own plans…

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Yaresora’s Marriage

Eremiro is defeated and peace has been imposed, but the scars of war remain. Yaresora fought for Yanbuka during the invasion, and now plans to marry an Eremiran prince – both to help secure the Empire’s rule, and because Zirazine has promised to make her a duchess. Can she survive the dangerous politics of the newly-conquered land? And will she win Prince Varadren’s heart?

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