The Web of War

For centuries the immortals of Askamar have fought, schemed and betrayed, each striving for power over the human kingdoms. As their rivalries rage across the magical realm and the mundane world, cities burn, empires crumble and entire continents are engulfed by war.

The immortal Lady Liralian longs to end the violence and establish a society in which mortals do not have to fear the tyranny of her own people – but first she must defeat her enemies.

When the kingdom of Eoradha is threatened by a ruthless immortal lord, its last remaining wizard embarks on a desperate journey through the Dimensions in search of help.  Moved by his plea, Liralian is drawn into a conflict that will imperil all she holds dear – for as she fights to free Eoradha, her mightiest foe is forging a weapon that may change the world.

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The Scepter of Ice

Scepter of Ice Ebook EditionThe immortals of Askamar are falling under the power of Ruzenathra, wielder of the terrible Scepter of Xathun. Among those who still defy her are Lady Liralian, Liralian’s hated foe Mormariul, and Lord Takanepi, who still cares deeply for them both.

When Mormariul destroys the human city of Jaton, Takanepi can endure no more. He demands that she yield her power to Ruzenathra, only to find himself appointed as the new ruler of Mormariul’s blood-thirsty Vanotaquan empire.

As Takanepi struggles to bring reform to Vanotaqua, Mormariul’s mind plunges deeper into torment. Liralian insists that she must be imprisoned before she brings any more harm to the mundane world. However, Mormariul’s mortal subjects see the new regime as a threat to their own ambitions, and they are not ready to let her give up so easily.

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