The Ages

The Ankaykari believe that time has no beginning or end. Instead, history moves through an endlessly repeating cycles of Ages: The Age of Fire, The Age of Water and The Age of Stone.

The character of these Ages is determined by the ebb and flow of magic – The Age of Fire is a time of high magic and turmoil, The Age of Water is a time of balance between the magical and mundane planes, while The Age of Stone is a time of low magic and lethargy.

The immortals acknowledge that the world does change, but they also feel that on a deeper level it remains the same. There was a time before humans, but there will be also a time when humans are forgotten, and new mortal races will arise.

According to the Ankaykari, each Age lasts from 3,000 to 3,200 Udarissan years. The Ages can be divided into 750-year seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, with a complete Cycle taking about 9,000 years.

When the Ankaykari are asked how many Cycles they remember, they usually reply that they recall only one. Older Cycles are recorded in the histories that molder in the Palace of Time.


The Age of Fire

During The Age of Fire, magic suffuses Askamar and sweeps through into Udaris. Although the Ankaykari continue to dwell in their Citadels, they become more fluid, changing their appearance on a whim. They freely travel the mundane world, and creatures from the mundane world are able to settle in Askamar, where they are reshaped by magic.

The Age of Water

During The Age of Water, magic fades from Udaris and the feats of the ancient mortal wizards are no longer possible. Most mortal societies turn to military strength and trade to survive. The Ankaykari settle on chosen forms. They seldom visit Udaris, for they find its ‘ barren’ atmosphere suffocating. However, they may rule kingdoms through their mortal subjects.

The Age of Stone

During The Age of Stone, magic is at its weakest. The Ankaykari withdraw to their Citadels, where they devote their time to art. Their society is either oppressively rigid, or harmonious. Most of the Gateways collapse, and the people of Udaris rarely meet the immortals. For a time, Askamar itself fades into legend. However, The Age of Fire eventually returns.