Drakuzare is the region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lord Zotharan dwells. It is a somber land of forests, mountains and plains, where mists drift from the Inner Sea and chill winds sigh through the grasses.

Black elenyas roam Drakuzare’s forests, especially around the Gateway of Sothamoy which leads to Akanorayanthe. Meanwhile, the plains of Drakuzare are considered a valuable resource by Esu such as Ruzenathra, whose own lands are too barren to support a yuyarni army.
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The Citadel of Nakan stands among the mountains of Vhazakale, overlooking the dreary eastern plains of Varevaya.

Further north is the shadowy forest of Tarazagar, which extends to the border of Karshulure. The river Thannathara twists through Tarazagar to the Inner Sea, its waters dark and glimmering. Many agree that Thannathara (‘The Hidden River’) is the most pleasant sight in the otherwise-dismal land of Drakuzare. The Gateway of Sothamoy stands near the river’s source, guarded by powerful wards.

The river Iuroth winds along Drakuzare’s western border, past the mountains of Garrenore and the great forest of Gorathuma, into the land of Quathevara. To the east of the Iuroth lie the forest of Yenothe, the river Darath and the Gateway of Arenath. There is another Gateway beyond the Garrenore mountains, but it is so worthless that Zotharan allows his neighbor Erulorian to keep it.