The Dimensions

The Dimensions are places which lie around and between the realm of Askamar and the world of Udaris. Like Askamar, they were formed of magic in some distant age. Some think of them as realms which cannot sustain mortal life. Others believe they are fragments of Askamar which broke away.

Surrounded by roiling mists, they contain plains, mountains, ravines and lakes of liquid magic, but they are utterly devoid of life. Some cover acres, while others are less than twenty feet in diameter. The Dimensions are connected by a maze of Gateways. Many have been claimed by the Ankaykari, who construct fortresses within them. However, not all the Dimensions have been charted, and no one is certain how many there are.

Between Askamar and Udaris are the fiery Inner Dimensions, the deepest of which are engulfed in perpetual storms and are thought to be connected to the Abyss. The cold Outer Dimensions exist beyond the edges of the world and the realm.

The lands which are directly connected to Askamar or Udaris — and therefore easiest to reach — are known as upper Dimensions. They tend to be cool and quiet, their skies dull mauve and their dust dunes stirred by gentle breezes. The atmosphere of deep Dimensions is heavily imbued with magic, and the caves and valleys of these lands are crusted with magical azuhan jewels.

A journey through the Dimensions is dangerous even for the Ankaykari, who can become bewildered in the shifting labyrinth of Gateways. Some Dimensions are unstable, and some are imbued with magical energies which are poisonous to Ankaykari.

Although the immortals often travel the Dimensions, seeking jewels or simply a greater knowledge of their world, they must be careful to avoid serious injury or illness. According to one chilling legend, there were once more Ankaykari, but they became lost in the Dimensions and forgot their names.

For mortals, the Dimensions are even more dangerous — a human who loses his way among the Gateways will soon die of thirst or starvation. The air of many of the deep Dimensions is poisonous, and the magic in the atmosphere is strong enough to wither mortal flesh.

Ankaykari generally regard those humans who travel the Dimensions as fools and thieves, but this does not prevent wizards and adventurers from attempting to navigate the Gateways. Maps of the Dimensions are considered priceless in Udaris.