Vosthegan is the region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lord Ezephrul dwells. It is a harsh land covered in jagged peaks and dense pine forests. The eastern mountains of Xazthayan are rocky and desolate, whipped by cold winds.

Slender bridges span the ravines which cut between the mountains, and narrow passes wind among the peaks, guarded by towers. Ezephrul loves to build structures and carve paths through the mountainsides, even though human travelers never venture through his lands.

The river Genizan cascades down the sheer valleys of Xazthayan, tumbling through crevasses until it finally reaches the forested lowlands and meanders into the dark sea. Further west are the marshes of Yanurane, while more forests lie beyond the river Oshathun.

Vosthegan has several rocky islands scattered beyond its coast. The yuyarni who live there fish in the sea, and seek to avoid the xarrakas that glide beneath the chill waves. During stormy periods, they fly inland and roost among the barren mountains of Xazthayan.