veskansareVeskansare is one of the nine Esu ‘kingdoms’ of Askamar. It lies in the Inner Lands and is ruled by the fearsome Lady Ruzenathra.

Of all the Esu domains, Veskansare lies closest to the Abyss of Dakayathar, and is one of the most inhospitable parts of the realm. Reddish dust drifts silently around its bizarre rock formations, hot winds gust over the dunes, and clustered pinnacles pierce the stormy sky.

Veskansare was once famous for its azuhans, although Ruzenathra has gathered most of these and now usually gains her new jewels from the Dimensions. The finest azuhans of Veskansare form around the acidic lake Varatashkon and the caverns of Harazakrath.

The least barren region is Tythunayal, a land that juts between the Sea of Storms and the Sea of Janthumure. At its heart is the freshwater lake of Yonzayare, into which trickle the shallow rivers Hakuyath and Habanyal. Yuyarni roost on the peaks overlooking the lake, as this is one of the few places where plants and animals can survive. However, it remains an unforgiving land.


  • Ruler: Ruzenathra
  • Citadel: Karazran
  • Notable plants and animals: angarbas, bone-adagrias, iraketh  trees, sasci, zaktas, zimburus
  • Surrounding lands: Burshnar, Ummere

The Court of Veskansare

The Court of Veskansare has an intimidating reputation. Ruzenathra favours servants who are fierce and proud, and the finest warriors have long been drawn to her side. The Veskansareans are known for engaging in savage duels, and they regard the weak with scorn. Some Nayusuru are riled by their haughtiness, but most look upon them with fear and awe.

Lady Ruzenathra

The immortal Lady Ruzenathra, ruler of the Court of VeskansareRuzenathra admires courage and believes her followers should be free to speak their minds – as long as they ultimately conform to her will. She thinks that those Esu who continually crush their servants down are being foolish. However, she will not tolerate ‘insolence’ and is brutal towards those who displease her.

Most Esu seek to enforce harmony within their courts, but Ruzenathra is content to see her followers fight among themselves, since it prevents them from joining forces against her. It can be a struggle to impose her will upon her servants, but she feels that their skill in battle more than compensates for their pride and defiance.


The immortal Lord ZotharanRuzenathra recognizes that Zotharan is the most impressive of her servants, while he considers her the Esu most worthy of his allegiance. They usually work well together. Ruzenthra appreciates Zotharan’s courage and ambition, while he likes her humor, admires her thirst for power, and is unfazed by her caustic temper.

However, there are times when Ruzenthra feels threatned by Zotharan’s cleverness, and by the respect that he commands fromt he rest of her court. She thinks that he questions her will more than he should. Meanwhile, Zotharan is frustrated by her sensitive pride – even when they play board-games, he has to let her win. He wants her respect, but knows he will never have it.


The immortal lord XanuspariXanuspari is without doubt the most loyal of Ruzenathra’s followers. When she was cast into Garashent during the time of Janzaris, he alone waited at the gates for her to be freed.

Xanuspari adores Ruzenathra for her fiery courage and determination. In his opinion, she treats her Nayusuru servants with honor – most of the time.

However, they do quarrel. Xanuspari does not take criticism well and hates to have his opinions dismissed, while Ruzenathra claims to find him exasperating. When they fight, he usually ends up in her dungeons. While others say that she treats him badly, he feels that he is at fault for angering her.

Xanuspari’s friends tell him that he is foolish to care so much about Ruzenathra, for she sees him as nothing more than a servant, but he thinks that Nayusuru ought to be devoted to their rulers.


The immortal lord KurunariKurunari is sharp-witted and skilled in combat, but he is also the most fickle of Ruzenathra’s servants.

In the past he often moved between the Courts of Veskansare, Zaresnar and Ebzazire, for he found qualities to admire in the rulers of all three lands. However, his betrayal of Daskesurul towards the end of the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars was particularly spectacular, and he has no plans to return here.

Kurunari appreciates Ruzenathra’s wit and ambition, and enjoys playing strategic board-games with her. Still, her arrogance and stubbornness annoy him. Kurunari will only tolerate so much disrespect from his rulers, and finds subtle ways to take revenge every time they mistreat him.