Ummere is the region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Ankaykari Olemnashial dwells. It is considered one of the most beautiful lands in the realm, and is home to many flowering plants and unusual creatures. Warm winds whisper through Ummere’s woodlands, bringing glimmering mists and rains in from the Inner Sea.

Butterfly adagrias gather among Olemnashial’s fruit trees, oguthutras spread their writhing tendrils and ezorilles fan their wings on slabs of rock. To the north are the meadows of Iruandal and the Tharrilan mountains, covered in vines and flowering shrubs. To the south is the deep blue lake of Tirinassa and the forest of Ulrasale, where butterflies dance among the creepers and ferns.

The Anzanare meanders through the heart of Ummere’s forests, its banks rustling with flowers. It flows from the Bay of Janthumure, which glimmers beneath the purple-pink sky. Janthumure’s waters are dotted with fantastical reefs and teeming with life – luminous corals and vivid green algae, nacreous mollusks, sponges and crabs.