thasenareThasenare is one of the nine  Esu ‘kingdoms’ of Askamar. It lies in the Middle-lands of the realm, and is ruled by Lord Yazelern.

Thasenare is a land of hills, fern-filled glades and grasslands. Breezes whisper through forests of golden faroth trees and streams trickle beneath a mauve sky. Thasenare’s heartlands are covered in flowery meadows where Yazelern’s vungarba herds graze.

Beyond the Teybra forest and the southern mountains are the cool Plains of Jarukoth, with their sparse grasses and lichen-covered rocks. The deep, wild forest of Dathunar spreads across Thasenare’s south-western border, its ancient trees tangled with flowering thorns.


The Court of Thasenare

Yazelern’s court is known for its flowery poetry, music and lavish banquets. Beauty and etiquette are highly valued by the Thasenareans. They like to hold gatherings where they recite verses, sing, dance and play music. The other Esu consider the Court of Thasenare frivilous, but t hey still enjoy visiting.

Yazelern is regarded as a gracious ruler – even if he can be rather vain. He is far more thoughtful and pragmatic than he appears, and feels a great sense of duty to his people. Above all, he hopes to create a more just society where no-one has to fear the tyranny of the powerful.

Yazelern traditionally has the allegiance of Arellesria, Olemnashial, and Larthesiul. Olemnashial chose to serve his ally Liralian towards the end of the Truce of Elanthar, but he was more hurt than angered by her disloyalty. She returned to Thasenare in the latter years of Shekruvaris.