serunuriaSerunuria is the region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Ankaykari Arellesria dwells. It is a land of shadowy forests, low hills and meadows graced with flowers. The sky is soft mauve, and the perfume of Askamaran roses lingers on the breeze. Sometimes a shower of light rain beads the grasses, or mist drifts in from the sea.

To the north are fine pastures where Arellesria’s prized vungarba herds graze, guarded by the yuyarni of the Kanubiara mountains. To the south are whispering forests where wild cats hunt and adagrias flutter among fruit trees. The land becomes bleaker towards the far south-west, where the wastes of Anosharen lie.

The great river Azanare winds through the heart of Serunuria, iridescent light shimmering across its surface. Beyond the Dreaming Crags, the river flows into the lake of Jarullare. Its banks are covered in azuhans which glimmer in the light of the waves, and rare herbs can be found growing around its shores.