Quathevara is a region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Lady Erulorian dwells. It is most famous for its archipelago, and for the beautiful Yuvanareso river that plunges from Lake Vanayanth to Lake Danzayanth in a series of waterfalls. For countless millennia, Quathevara has been part of Barezeth, and Liralian often sent its yuyarni to fight in Udaris during the Truce of Elanthar.
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Thevarashure, the Citadel of Quathevara, stands beside a waterfall above Lake Danzayanth. To the east of the Citadel are silvery-grey grasslands where blue flowers glimmer with frost. To the west are ice-encrusted swamps, the undrinkable waters of the river Naureth, and the pine forest of Besevaya.

QuathevaraThe yuyarni of the Oshragto clan make their home in the Yesriayren mountains, clustered about the Fayalar river. However, most of Quathevara’s yuyarni roost on the Archipelago of Thanakun, where they hunt fish and remain wary of the xarrakas that seek to devour them in turn. The two clans of Thanakun are the Sragun and the Kekgora.

The great river Iuroth meanders through Quathevara’s northern regions, bordered to the west by the dense pine forest of Gorathuma and to the north-east by the grey mountains of Garrenore. In the foothills of these mountains is the Gateway of Olayane which leads to the Dimensions, but few people travel this way.