Oumevare is the region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Ankaykari Gesmoriul dwells. It is a land of fog, pine forests and mountains. The river Sanurath winds up from the distant swamp of Nursumemur, its dark, muddy waters bubbling with magical energies. To the north of the river stand the Iayevade mountains and the Citadel of Teshuchuran.

The peaks of Iayevade are grey and rugged, cloaked in mist and covered in lichens. Elegant pine trees and great woody banks of elareaphs grow upon their flanks. Oumevare is inhabited by pale-skinned yuyarni, most of whom dwell on the rocky coast, the mountains of Wianatha and the islands of Vanasutha and Yanagurath.

Oumevare Coloured