Maroth is a large island which lies beyond Askamar’s Bitter Sea. It is a cold and dreary place covered in grey mountains, scree and pine forests. To the east is a great marsh known as Dorone, while to the west lies the glimmering Lake of Izura. To the north, on the far side of the Teyadan mountains, the waves of the Outer Ocean crash against Maroth’s barren coast.

Maroth has not been claimed by any of the Ankaykari, but is regarded as common ground. All the realm’s great ceremonial sites are situated on Maroth – the Pillar of Ages, the Palace of Time and Garashent.

According to certain legends, the Ankaykari lived there together in caverns beneath the Teyadan mountains at a time when all other lands were uninhabitable. Few believe this story, but they regard Maroth as a place of deep significance. While every Ankaykari is free to visit the island without fear of violence – even during times of war – the yuyarni are not permitted to fly near its shores. It is believed that no mortal has ever set foot on Maroth.