imbireImbire is one of the nine Esu ‘kingdoms’ of Askamar. It lies in the temperate Middle-lands, and is ruled by Lady Saroparel.

The woods of Imbire are beautifully serene. Pale blossoms drift from the aosorath trees and cats hunt among the ferns, while silvery tributaries  cascade down the mountain valleys and pastel-blue flowers carpet the ground. To visitors, it seems an enchanting place.

Much of Imbire’s beauty is due to Saroparel’s careful ‘sculpting’ of the landscape, however.  She has devoted whole books to the butterflies and flowers of her land, but ruthlessly destroyed any living thing that she considers ugly.  The plants and animals that she has driven to extinction are remembered in Tassedehami’s Natural History of Imbire, a book that she finds deeply riling.


The Court of Imbire

Saroparel’s court is renowned for its elaborate rituals, intrigues and rules of etiquette. The Imbireans believe that the purpose of life is to obtain perfection, and they continually strive for elegance in their movements, words and manner. Every statement should be poetic, every gesture graceful, and all people should know their place.

Lady Saroparel

The immortal lady Saroparel, ruler of the Court of Imbire.Beneath her carefully-cultivated appearance of serenity, Saroparel is one of the most oppressive of the Esu. She has devised rules dictating every aspect of existence within her court, and she falls into an icy rage if she does not receive utter obedience.

Although Saroparel claims that violence is ‘ugly’, she will not hesitate to punish any servant who fails to meet her demands. The Nayusuru of her court live in fear of her sensitive moods. When she is upset, she complains bitterly about everything, while her servants do their best to soothe her with music and poetry. Those who displease her are sent to languish in her dungeons.


The immortal lord Gesmoriul, a servant of the Court of Imbire.Gesmoriul is deeply loyal to Lady Saroparel, regarding her as the most enlightened of the Esu. Whenever she is disheartened, she can always bask in his unquestioning adoration.

Gesmoriul loves order and precision, is happiest when designing mazes, puzzles and clockwork mechanisms. Saroparel often praises him for the elegance of his artwork and the skill with which he plays music. However, he can also be cold and obsessive.

While Gesmoriul dutifully endeavours to uphold Saroparel’s ideals of graciousness and harmony, he often bickers with her other servant Vusashare, whom he considers irksomely whimsical.


The immortal lord Vusashare, a servant of the Court of Imbire.Saroparel favors Vusashare highly for his skill as an artist, but he is seldom happy in her court. He finds her far too rigid and oppressive, and he often bickers with her other servant, Gesmoriul, who calls him whimsical and foolish.

Vusashare might have left Imbire if he had greater strength of will, but he cannot bear to cause conflict. Yephasure remains his closest friend, as neither of them have forgotten the distant time when they both served the Court of Nezruthar, before his Citadel was conquered by Daskesurul.