Elenyas, or unicorns, are graceful creatures that roam the remote forests of Askamar. Those of Barezeth, Imbire and Oumevare are white, while those of Drakuzare and Quathevara are black. They are seldom seen, for they are swift and shy.

Elenyas are regarded as symbols of wisdom and purity. This does not prevent them from being hunted whenever they venture into the mundane world, for their horns have great magical properties.

Human wizards use amulets carved of elenya horn for spells of warding and invisibility. The beleif that the horns can nullify any poison probably comes from the fact that elenyas are able to drink the waters of the Yuvasnere and the Iuroth without harm.

An Askamaran unicorn

An elenya standing among the hireth trees in the land of Barezeth.

  • Range: Barezeth, Imbire and Oumevare (white elenyas), Drakuzare and Quathevara (black elenyas)
  • Diet: Leaves and grasses
  • Predators: None