ebzazireEbzazire is one of the nine ‘kingdoms’ of Askamar. It lies in the temperate Middle-lands of the realm, and is ruled by Lord Tassedehami.

Ebzazire is an inhospitable land of mountains, dusty plains and treacherous swamps. The sky is dull red in the northern regions, and storms occasionally arise to sweep through the crags and gullies of the uplands. Ebzazire’s caverns are notoriously deep, and many are partly flooded. The caves of Kur-Zoth are the most famous.


The Court of Ebzazire

Tassedehami’s enemies claim that the Court of Ebzazire is an  unruly, uncultured place, for he scorns the traditional traits of an Esu ruler. He not not care much for etiquette, and he allows his servants to hold their own opinions. Tassedehami believes in individuality and self-expression, and values his followers for their loyalty rather than their skills. Others may call him a weak ruler, but he beleives that those Esu who rule through fear are fools.

Lord Tassedehami

TassedehamiTassedehami inspires deep loyalty in his Nayusuru servants, even if they do not always treat him with the deference that other rulers demand. In his opinion, the Esu had no right to force the Nayusuru to obey them.

Tassedehami respects the wishes of his followers, is unusually forgiving towards those who fail him, and is more generous and understanding than most rulers. His servants are accustomed to his changing moods and know they have nothing to fear from his temper, for he feels that violence is no way to resolve disputes.


DrathessaDrathessa is Tassedehami’s highest-ranking servant – a fierce warrior who has always stood by him, no matter how low his place in the hierarchy.

Drathessa can be stubborn, snappish and scathing, but Tassedehami is sympathetic to her moods, and usually heeds her advice. Sometimes they quarrel, but they quickly reconcile, for they love each other dearly.

Drathessa considers Tassedehami the only Esu worthy of her allegiance. He might not have as much sense as she does (in her opinion), but at least he has the wit to listen to her. He is unusually gracious and charming for an Esu, and his kindness can melt her heart even when she is furious with him.


IruzatheIruzathe served Tassedehami for countless centuries, and was highly valued by the Ebzazirean court for his tact, patience and skill at diplomacy (his serene manner made him especially good at calming his ruler’s more hysterical moods).

Drathessa scorns those who lack courage in battle, but even she felt fond of Iruzathe. He was always pleasant to her, even when she was in a foul temper, and social gatherings were less of an ordeal when he was at her side.

Iruzathe was forced to forsake his allegiance to Ebzazire when Lord Daskesurul conquered his Citadel during the Ceyth-Janzarian wars. It torments Tassedehami to know he is under the power of his hated enemy, but Iruzathe has never found the courage to defy his new ruler.