Dargora is the region of Askamar where the Nayusuru lady Drathessa dwells. It is land of bleak crags, hills and pine forests that lies beyond Vosthegan. The air is cold, and the sky carries a violet tinge. On one side, Dargora is bordered by ragged cliffs and desolate, stony beaches that overlook the Outer Ocean. On the other lies the Akorra Sea, where waves lap around pinnacles and barren islands.

The stony beaches are overshadowed by cliffs or forests, and littered with fallen branches, bones and broken shells. Narrow rivers gush through sharp ravines, plunging over precipices and disappearing into caves. Winds hiss ceaselessly among the gloomy forests, where uranags and other savage creatures roam. Cold rains sweep in from the seas, leaving the land dank and dripping.