At the heart of Askamar, beyond a sea of boiling liquid magic, stands Dakayathar — the Island of the Abyss. The Ankaykari believe that it was the first land to arise from the churning chaotic waters during Askamar’s creation, and that the Abyss is the source of the magic which sustains them.

The storms and mists of Dakayathar make it hard to reach by sea or sky, but there is a portal anchor at the Tower of Konoth. The tower stands in the dark plain of Vakraulath, which is marked by maze of ancient lava-beds and stone piles speckled with lichens.

The fiery river Ulath flows across the plains and pours into the Sea of Storms, smoke dancing across its surface. Further along the coast is the noxious Delta of Katuthan – a land of slime and spitting flame. Deeper inland are bizarre rock-formations, pits of bubbling mud, steaming vents and lake-shores crusted with crystals.

The Abyss is surrounded by a ring of volcanoes that constantly spew magical fumes. Roiling clouds of smoke are rent by lightning and under-lit by the glow of lava. There are lakes of acid, segmented with scum and surrounded by strange crystal formations.

The Abyss itself is a seemingly bottomless pit filled with glowing liquid. Magic swirls from its depths, staining the water crimson, while steam coils across its surface. Most people avoid the Abyss, but occasionally the more fearless immortals venture to its lip, to gather the powerful azuhans that form along its sides.

Some say the Abyss is a Gateway to some unimaginably deep Dimension where magic is formed. Some speculate that it might lead to the sun of Udaris, while others think it simply plunges into the fiery depths of the realm. No one knows for certain, however.

The waters surrounding Dakayathar are no less perilous than the land itself. Fierce winds rage across the Sea of Storms, whipping up mighty waves which crash upon the shores of Veskansare and Zaresnar. The sea is hot, murky and thick with poisons. Near the coast of Zaresnar, the peaks of volcanic islands thrust up from the sea. These isles are known as the Teeth of Fire. Beyond them is a great whirlpool called the Maw, powerful enough to trap Ankaykari in its currents and drag them into the depths.

Deep beneath these waters is a mountain range, Genamarg, and the Pinnacles of Hozugarth, which guard the Basin of Azag. No light can penetrate Azag from the sky above, so the basin is shrouded in utter darkness. During one vicious battle, Daskesurul was chased into Azag by Naskremari, and it was more than a year before he managed to navigate his way free of the Maw. For a long time afterwards, he avoided all deep water.