Quoraloresea is the Citadel of Lady Liralian. It is an elegant structure of pale stone, rising above the forests and meadows of Barezeth. Mortal visitors often describe its atmosphere of somber tranquility. The gates are inlaid with silver in geometric patterns, while the courtyards are surrounded with carved wooden pillars and potted shrubs.

The Ground Floor of Quoraloresea

The Ground Floor of Quoraloresea

The Library

Liralian regards the library as a resource for mortal scholars as well as for herself. All the Ankaykari agree that she has a fine selection of texts from Udaris, and she is willing to lend her books to those whom she considers trustworthy. Liralian herself has written many volumes, including the famous History of the Ankaykari.

She likes to record her musings upon the nature of existence, her dilemmas and her conversations with interesting mortals. Her books of poetry feature moralistic tales or lengthy metaphors, intended to offer enlightenment or provoke self-reflection.

The Gardens

The gardens of Quoraloresea are cold and serene. Many contain leafy vines and pools. The ground is often dusted with snow, the fruits and flowers glitter with frost, and slender icicles hang from the trees. Liralian prefers to see her gardens lit by the natural glow of the twilight sky, but some gardens are illuminated with silver lanterns and adorned with statues of serene-looking deer and wolves.