BarezethBarezeth is one of the nine ‘kingdoms’ of Askamar. It lies in the cold Outer Reaches of the realm, and is ruled by Lady Liralian.

To many, Barezeth seems a remote and mysterous region. Elenyas roam its forests, while sea-drakes flock along the rocky coasts. Shallow lakes lie among Barezeth’s hills and vales, fringed with rushes. Mists drift over the surface of these waters and swirl among the pine trees, making one place seem much like another.

Liralian’s Court

The Court of Barezeth is known for its elegance and serenity. Some consider its ideals enlightened, while others regard them as a threat to the hierarchy. Liralian believes that the Esu should treat their Nayusuru servants with respect. She values virtues such as patience and compassion, and has long tried to reform Ankaykari society.

Liralian dislikes ‘frivolity’, and seldom holds banquets. As a result, many Ankaykari remark that the lives of the Barezethans seem dull. However, Liralian’s servants are free to speak their minds – unlike most Nayusuru. They believe that they lead purposeful existences, and that they enjoy more freedom and self-respect than most.

Erulorian holds the highest rank among the Nayusuru of Barezeth. She has served Liralian for as long as anyone can recall, and is regarded as her most trusted advisor. Despite her lack of fighting skill, Erulorian manages to command the respect of Liralian’s other servants. She is good at resolving disputes, and her skill as a healer is much appreciated by the rest of the court.

The Geography of Barezeth

Quoraloresea, the elegant Citadel of Barezeth, rises above a meadow between the forest of Beseuran and the mountains of Vayanore. To the east of the Citadel is Daro Iayron, a rugged region with many caves where azuhans form. The river Sanyalar flows through Daro Iayron, past the Gateway of Larrenath which leads to Danyubao.

The other great Gateway of Barezeth is Vanayonath, which lies in the Zothanore mountains and leads to the Dimension of Uragaronare. Liralian has built a tower called Tananath near the Gateway and set the yuyarni of the Zadrosru clan to watch over it, for this is the route through which human hunters most often enter her land.

One of the great rivers of Askamar, the Yuvesoureth (‘River of the Mists’), winds through Barezeth on its journey to the Outer Ocean. The trackless pine forest of Beseuran stands along its banks, spreading north to Imbire. To the east is the Bay of Shasor, where many yuyarni of the Kekugra clan roost. To the far west is Iromorath Nen (‘The Island That Faces The Winter Winds’), where the Yasunhra clan dwell.

To the south, beyond the Vayanore mountains, lies the remote Lake of Namayanth. Its banks are rimed with ice, and frost glitters on the trees around it. Only thick-furred gesagiras and snow-mennats dwell here. The furthest coast of Barezeth is marked by the frozen Jhacazaren mountains; beyond them is nothing but ocean.


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