Anosharen is the region of Askamar where the Nayusuru Ankaykari  Larthesiul dwells. A cold desert extends from its northern borders to the foothills of the Rusemyreth mountains in the south – a land of soft breezes and grey dunes, spreading beneath the twilight sky. Mortals call it the Ashen Desert. Few care to venture across this featureless wasteland, but Larthesiul feels that his lands have an austere beauty.

The yuyarni of Anosharen reside among the western mountains of Nenaka, where they hunt thick-furred angarba, sasci and the pale zimburu of the wastelands. Beyond Nenaka is the Bay of Farhea. A thin, treacherous layer of ice covers its shores, while cold vapors swirl across its waters. To the east are dust dunes and soaring pinnacles. The river Yanethe flows across Plains of Jarukoth, beyond which are the Chayukal hills.

The peaks of Rusemyreth rise to the south, their flanks rugged and desolate. On their far side lies the Outer Ocean, crashing against the cliffs. Several small islands jut from the waves, but no mortals dwell there.

  • Ruler: Larthesiul
  • Citadel: Onranduruth
  • Notable plants: heyavah trees, silver zaktas
  • Notable animals: angarbas, sasci, zimburus
  • Surrounding lands: Thasenare, Serunuria