The Esu are the most powerful of the Ankaykari. They are known as the ‘Nine Rulers of the Realm’, for each presides over a Court, commanding the allegiance of the weaker Nayusuru. Many Esu also rule vast territories in Udaris. However, while this increases their prestige, it is the strength of their Askamaran Court that determines their standing.

Most Esu have two Nayusuru servants. The more powerful have three, while those who have none are regarded with scorn. It is exceedingly rare for an Esu to retain the loyalty of more than three Nayusuru.

While the Esu often speak of order and harmony, their pride makes it hard for them to live together peacefully – whenever two meet, some form of power-struggle invariably ensues. Even those who are friends compete for status in countless subtle ways. Most dream of uniting the Nine Courts under their rule and being declared Sovereign of Askamar.

The Nine Esu

Lord Daskesurul, Ruler of the Court of Zaresnar, from The Immortals of Askamar The immortal Lady Liralian, ruler of the Court of Barezeth The immortal Lady Mormariul, ruler of the Court of Zepzaris
The immortal lord Naskremari, ruler of the Court of Burshnar The immortal Lady Ruzenathra, ruler of the Court of Veskansare The immortal lady Saroparel, ruler of the Court of Imbire.
A portrait of Takanepi created using Profantasy's Character Artist 3 The immortal lord Yazelern, ruler of the Court of Thasenare.

The Esu seek to surround themselves with many servants, another sign of their pride. An Esu and two Nayusuru compose the ideal court. Such courts bring harmony. They are obviously meant to be, for two Nayusuru in alliance balance the power of an Esu.