adagriaAdagrias are small web-winged creatures from the realm of Askamar. Humans think they look like miniature dragons, although they cannot speak or spit fire.

There are many varieties, from the strange-looking bone adagrias of the Inner Lands, to the elegant golden adagrias of Thasenare, to the ice adagrias of the Outer Reaches.

Adagrias are sociable animals that live in flocks. They eat fruits, nuts and seeds, and are hunted by Askamaran cats and werrexes. Although they are magical creatures, they are sometimes seen in the mundane world, as human wizards like to keep them as pets.

Artwork of Olemnashial and Arellesria by Louisa

Olemanshial and Arellesria with a flock of butterfly adagrias by Louisa

Butterfly Adagrias

Butterfly adagrias (also known as butterfly-dragons) are the most distinctive of the adagria species. They have decorative crests and tail-fans, and come in vivid colours: some are crimson and orange, some are blue and violet, while others are amber and green. Butterfly-adagrias are friendly and curious, and often visit the gardens of Ankaykari Citadels. Whenever they are near, they fill the air with their whistles and chatters. They are only found in the warm, forested lands that border the Inner Sea .

Bone Adagrias

Bone adagrias reside in the volcanic regions of Askamar’s Inner Lands, seemingly untroubled by the violent magical storms and poisoned vapours. Their brownish skin is translucent, as are their internal organs, making it possible to see their bones. They roost on sheer cliff-faces and the sides of ravines, and eat tough grasses and insects. As they fly, they chatter softly to one another and sometimes engage in swooping sky-dances. Little else is known of their ways, as few travellers have a chance to observe them. However, it is said that their flesh tastes disgusting.

Forest Adagrias

Forest-adagrias are found all over Askamar, but are most common in cooler regions such as Imbire and Barezeth. They are distinguished from other species by their longer tails and ears, green skin and yellow markings. The claws on their wings help them to clamber through trees, while they use their long tails to wrap around branches in order to anchor themselves. Unlike the lively and sociable butterfly adagrias, they are shy, quickly taking to the air the moment anyone draws near.

Ice Adagrias

Like the bone adagrias that dwell in the most inhospitable regions of Veskansare, the ice adagrias of Kayuvare and Nezruthar are mysterious creatures. They flutter silently through the frozen valleys of the Outer Reaches, their hides as white as snow. The only time their voices are heard is during the mating season, when the males spread their wings and sing beautifully to attract females. Although there is not much to eat in the far south, they survive on pine cones, roots and the rare fruit of lurethun trees. They often gather in the gardens of Quenezarea’s Citadel, since she leaves out silver bowls of seeds and nuts for them.