A new map of Tanurea

Here is my latest map of Tanurea, created with Campaign Cartographer 3 (yes, I’ve used the Annual DeRust style again!) and enhanced with Adobe Photoshop Elements 13:

A map of Tanurea created with CC3

A map of Tanurea created with CC3 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

I am very proud of it! I wanted it to be a ‘work of art’ map, and I feel that it’s turned out well.

And here are some old maps of Razurea and Tanathia, just to remind myself how they looked before they became merged into one continent:

A map of Razurea made with CC3 and Adobe Photoshop, created in November 16.

An even older map of Razurea drawn with CC3 and Corel Photopaint, back in 2014.

An old map of Tanathia

A map of Tanathia created in July 2015 using CC3 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 (I think)

As you can see, some elements have survived, some have been discarded and some have been adapted (and a lot of place names have been moved about!)

I did like the shape of the old Razurea, but I feel the new map is an improvement, especially when viewed as part of the world map.

10th century Tanurea

I’m still working on Tanurea.

Here’s a proper political map of Tanurea in the 10th century (as opposed to the scrappy map of 11th century Tanurea that I made yesterday). Notice how the place-names are still shifting around.

A map showing the kingdoms of Tanurea in the 10th century

A map showing the kingdoms of Tanurea in the 10th century, made using CC3 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

I’d really like to design some flags for these kingdoms!

It could be a fantasy world in its own right…

Since I’ve been writing The Ruler of Ruins for the last month, I’ve decided to do some world-building that’s actually relevant to the novel.

You may recall that during my last period of world-building Tanathia and Razurea became merged into one continent. I’ve decided to call this new land… Tanurea.

Here’s an early attempt at mapping Tanurea, featuring (for the first time ever!!) a scale, so we can actually see how many miles places like Wayaiqua are from the coast.

An early draft of the Tanurea map, showing the climates

An early draft of the Tanurea map

Tanurea is a continent that spreads from frozen tundra in the north to the equatorial mangrove swamps in the south. As I was looking at this early draft, considering where all the natural resources were and what crops grew where, it struck me that it had all the elements needed for a self-contained fantasy world. You could just stick it at the front of a book and label it ‘The World of Tanurea’.

There’s just so much of Udaris to work on…

Anyway, I did some more tweaking, and this is what Tanurea looks like right now. There are more lakes in the north, and the continent of Zasulia (down at the bottom) has been moved west slightly.

A map of Tanura showing some of the kingdoms

Tanurea in the 11th century?

I also put in some place names to remind myself where everything is. Since the Naoskaiun and Tuyaz-Oan empires are both there on the map, I reckon it must be the 11th century.