Zakrusepi’s new look

Zakrusepi, Skurmondul and company haven’t appeared on the website yet (my world-building is still stuck in the era of Shekruvaris), but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about them often.

I’ve also been thinking about the ‘races’ of my conworld. For the last several years there have been four races – the Ankaykari, the bantagri, the yuyarni and the humans – but I’ve now decided the combine the yuyarni and the bantagri (my two vaguely draconic races), thus simplifying the setting and the story.

Anyone who knows anything about the yuyarni and the bantagri must be thinking, ‘WHAT? You want to merge a race of lumbering land-dwelling herbivores who hate heights with a race of flying meat-eaters? What will that do to their culture and psychology?’

I know it seems strange, but I’ve been thinking about it these last few months, and I can see how it will work. I’d also rather create one draconic race in detail rather than have two draconic races that seem sketchy when compared with the Ankaykari and the humans.

Most importantly, I can picture Zakrusepi with wings! Jagrothazri has also adapted well to becoming a yuyarni. Skurmondul with wings is a bit harder, but I’m sure he’ll cope…

So, here’s what Zakrusepi used to look like (although I used this picture as the website’s generic bantagri illustration, it is an actual picture of him):Zakrusepi the bantagri

Here are some generic yuyarni:

A picture of some yuyarni

Below, you can see the yuyarni and bantagri combined. I’ve given the female yuyarni the ‘bald’ head of the original yuyarni (which you can see in this post), while the males have bantagri horns. I might decide to give the male yuyarni manes as well, since that was part of the original yuyarni design.

Mountain Yuyarni Male

Male Mountain Yuyarni by Louisa Watson

It’s great to finally have some yuyarni ‘main characters’, as it makes it much easier for me to visualize the yuyarni culture and figure out how it works.

But what will become of the bantagri? I’ve decided to name Zakrusepi’s tribe after them (he can keep his old clan name, of course!), and I’ll incorporate as much of their culture into it as I can – this actually won’t be too hard, since I originally imagined the bantagri as fearsome hunters before I realized they’d be too slow to catch anything! Since Zakrusepi ends up eating Daskesurul’s heart, his whole plot makes a lot more sense now!

3 thoughts on “Zakrusepi’s new look

    • Thank you for commenting! Since their ancestors are from the mundane world, I did try to base them on dinosaurs / pterodactyls slightly, but they are also very heavily based on dragons. The latest yuyarni design looks even more draconic, since they’ve now got scales.

      Once I’ve finished writing The Ruler of Ruins, I plan to go back and revise The Web of War to make the descriptions of the yuyarni in the book match the new design. When I first started writing the trilogy, I thought I’d finished making changes to the world, but I’m still thinking of new ideas and improvements…


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