Re-arranging the library

After much thought, I’ve managed to re-arrange the library in a way that I like!

Instead of lengthy novellas, I’ll be publishing inter-linked short stories online. These will be arranged in chronological order (rather than publication order) in the library, so that people can either read the whole epic saga as it unfolds, or choose which story thread they find most interesting.

I’ve re-used my book titles for some of the library sections, so that those who have read the first two books and now want to read The Ruler of Ruins can easily find it.

Writing short stories gives me so much more creative freedom! I can work on any part of the series that I want, and include scenes that wouldn’t have fitted into a novel.

For example, I’ll be able to write about what happens in the twenty years between The Scepter of Ice and The Ruler of Ruins. There is no structured narrative that makes these years worthy of a novel, but nevertheless it is an important period in Askamar’s history  – indeed, it makes up the bulk of Ruzenathra’s reign!

This is the advantage of not being a successful self-published author and not having a readership (I talk about people who might want to read The Ruler of Ruins, but there isn’t anyone except Maggie, as far as I know). Rather than worrying about making money, or what will be popular with my readers, I can write whatever I feel like writing and just publish it on my website.

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