When I write too much

I’ve been writing too much again. That’s why I haven’t published any more chapters on my web-fiction – I was too busy writing to take the time!

Since deciding to turn my novels into novellas, I’ve been working on three different stories, struggling to find focus. I want something I can publish on my website (why, when I must have written hundreds of thousands of words over the years, do I have nothing that I feel ready to publish on my website yet!?) I also want to continue the story of Shekruvaris, which means writing something new rather than endlessly revising old chapters.

I hoped my novellas would be quicker and simpler to write than the novels. Now I’ve realized that to tell each story in full (with a satisfying beginning, middle and end), the novellas themselves will probably be about 80,000 words each. So, more like novels. Which probably means no one but Maggie will be bothered to read them, because who wants to read 80,000 words online?

This is what happens when I write too much. I feel stressed and anxious. I feel like there’s never enough time in the day. I feel like life isn’t long enough to write all the Askamar stories. I feel defeated before I even begin. My back hurts from spending too long sitting down.

Then, when I finally do publish something, I feel depressed because I’ve worked so hard on the story and no one except my sister is reading it, and / or I find that it’s rubbish when I re-read it myself.

I need to learn from this.

I need to calm down and stop writing so much.

It doesn’t matter if the library is empty or if it only has the first few chapters of an 80,000 word novel in it. There’s loads of other pages on my website that I’m proud of. I should make more time for world-building and drawing.

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